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‘Paala Velluva’: Stone for Chittoor Dairy today

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Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will lay foundation stones to various development initiatives with an investment of Rs 385 crore by AMUL in Chittoor, on Tuesday and steps would be taken towards starting production within 10 months soon after the foundation stone was laid.

Chittoor Dairy had been shut down for 20 years as a result of the neglect of the previous governments. The unit has now been restored back to life by totally paying off the debts of Rs 182 crore and signing a MoU with AMUL under a revolutionary step “Jagananna Paala Velluva”.

The officials stated that the largest ice cream manufacturing facility in the nation would be built as part of revitalisation of Chittoor Dairy in the first phase, at a cost of Rs 150 crore. Along with it, manufacturing units of butter, milk powder, ultra high temperature, cheese, paneer, yoghurt and sweets would be established in a phased manner. As a result 5,000 individuals would be given direct employment while 2 lakh people will get indirect employment which includes employment through AMUL outlets and distribution mechanism, 25 lakh dairy producers to be benefitted.

The Jagan Mohan Reddy government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AMUL, the largest dairy cooperative in the Nation, in order to revitalise and strengthen cooperative dairies and to benefit Women dairy farmers.

The MoU intends to give dairy farmers remunerative prices and make high-quality milk and other dairy products available for the consumers at affordable rates. Women’s dairy cooperative societies are set up to collect milk from dairy farmers. So far, 3,06,692 women dairy farmers have been identified in 17 districts and 3,551 societies were established. The societies will be trained in managing their livestock and guided in ensuring that the profits are shared among the members of the society.

With “Jagananna Paala Velluva”, the women dairy farmers are earning an extra income up to Rs 20 per litre, which is more than the promised amount. Milk collected without the involvement of middlemen or commission agents. Payment being automatically credited to the accounts of Women dairy farmers, once every ten days.

Through AMUL, 8,78,56,917 litres of milk was procured in the last two years. Due to greater competition in the market due to agreement with AMUL, even private dairies were forced to increase their prices. As a result, the Jagan Government helped the Women dairy farmers earn an extra profit of Rs. 3,754 crores.

In conjunction with RBKs, steps are being taken to construct 4,796 Automated Milk Collection Centres (AMC) and Bulk Milk Cooling Centres (BMC )in villages at a cost of Rs 2,452 Crores which will be handed over to Women Dairy Cooperatives. For the first time ever, Dairy producers will receive a receipt for the quality of the milk they supply, then and there at the time of milk collection.

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