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‘Painting took a lot of my time; I was unable to pay attention to mainstream films’

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Surpassing his contemporaries, actor Karan Singh Grover achieved remarkable success in a film like Fighter, co-starring Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan. He told The Pioneer what makes 2024 special to him, among others.
Without a doubt, 2024 was a great year for the television virtuoso Karan Singh Grover to return. Surpassing his contemporaries, he achieved remarkable success in a film like Fighter, co-starring Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan. He breaks the beans, telling us all about this incredible experience and how it has surely made 2024 a unique and exciting new year for him!
After a lengthy pause, he muses on how his career has changed from being on television to being in a big-budget movie like this: “Every character I have taken on since 2004—regardless of the medium—has only made me feel like I have added a lot of my own inputs in those roles. However, I was also learning about the intricate details of writing, producing, and directing films. I was here, even if I didn’t get the opportunity to study any of this on a professional level. I absolutely enjoy sneaking into the rooms on sets where a better creative podium is needed. That is my personal opinion. And that’s how I view my own development to date.”
He once took a break from movies, and after giving it some thought, he shares with our readers why: “I didn’t make a conscious choice at all. The fact that I was accepting more digital work had no bearing whatsoever on my acting career trajectory. In some sense, it was always about being there for my fans. The aspect of visibility! I was not going to abandon them. It was also a few years ago when I became a professional painter. I paint! Painting took up a lot of my time, so I was unable to pay attention to mainstream films that came my way now that my skill was receiving such great appreciation. I was tapping on an entirely different frequency. I had one career at first, but I can now transition to another. It requires a lot of bravery! That’s why you people didn’t see as much of me.”
We were interested to hear his thoughts about now having a blockbuster to his name, as he recently received one and thought it sounded sexy! “A blockbuster to my name sounds so good,” he said playfully. “Surprisingly, my favourite aspect of being in Fighter was not working with Hrithik or Deepika; rather, it was working with my director Siddharth Anand, who recently gave Shah Rukh Khan the highest-grossing movie. Since his wife is also our film’s producer, she sent me a casting call. Before she could explain what the movie was about, I responded “yes” without thinking. Hey, I was on! Tell me when we’re doing the commercial shoot, I said to her. I went “wah” later when I learned that Hrithik, Deepika, and Anil Kapoor are the film’s main stars.”
There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with leading a squadron now. The well-known Dill Mill Gayye fame says of the preparation that went into this role: “I truly care about how my character walks and appears. Here, his past is also very important! Now that you are aware of an air force pilot, you need to understand how their structures are always the same. For a period, I stopped doing weight training and concentrated just on body-weight exercises to increase my body’s agility for sequences involving aerial action. To act as though I could manage a combat jet, even if one weren’t genuine.”
It goes without saying that he was collaborating with titans in the industry, so imagine how that felt! Karan said, “I felt like a lonely Piscean on the Fighter sets because my wife and all of my co-stars are Capricorns. Since none of them needed improvement, I had to work extra hard. They are superstars who embrace everyone! Since ‘not easily intimidated by people, that possibility is ruled out. On the other hand, I think the director of this movie is the real star of the piece because he seems like a really underappreciated filmmaker. It was thanks to him that we could witness one co-star’s support for another. For me, it was hard to imagine what it was like to be a tortured squadron leader. It is nearly unachievable! I was limited to my imagination, which is still a very long way from reality. It was my intention to show inclusive patriotism. It was an extremely challenging task!”
The leading man of Alone told us about a special experience he shared with his fans from the sets of Fighter: “We don’t have a scene in the movie, but I remember we were on the Tezpur Airways Air Force Base and we were doing our morning drills. A Sukhoi 30 took off twenty-five feet from our location. It is taking off while we are jogging! My soul was vibrating; I could feel it. I found it hard to accept that I was getting paid to watch this.”
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