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Pallavi Joshi: We need to learn from history

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In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, actress Pallavi Joshi, who is back with the unreported version of The Kashmir Files, speaks of the importance of highlighting the historical acts that not many people are aware of.


The idea of the new documentary by Pallavi Joshi is to give a more detailed and dense look at the exodus and genocide that happened in the state, with Agnihotri and she interacting with the victims and breaking the fourth wall to inform viewers how miserable, and mysterious it was. So she poses a question if the exodus ever happened, and takes us back in 1947, when the partition shook the nation! Just like any other documentary, The Kashmir Files Unreported streaming on ZEE5 also juxtaposes real life visuals with the narration of the people related to the event.

In an exclusive reciprocity, the actress says, “If people are only looking for entertainment, then maybe they shouldn’t watch this film. But this film is not just for entertainment. It’s meant for the younger generation who will shape our nation and our future. We need to learn from history, including world war II, the freedom movement, and the partition of India. These lessons are full of bloodshed and gore, but we still talk about them so that we can learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. This film is also a part of history that the younger generation, across all states and religions, should watch. It will give them the courage to stand up against terrorism because terrorism doesn’t benefit anyone.”

All her life she hasn’t restricted herself from consuming any type of content — and with all that she has noticed and suggested she would be more than happy if all the actors focused more on acting than their stardom. Coming from a seasoned actress and a writer! She continued, “It’s important to understand that this film tells a slice of history that is not found in our textbooks or passed down from our grandparents or parents. It’s a part of history that happened in Kashmir, and everything that happened between Delhi and Kashmir is shown in the film. If you want to know more about this slice of history, from the partition until today, then you should watch The Kashmir Files Unreported.”

So the intent is in the right place, but unlike The Kashmir Files, where violence and vengeance both were visual and visceral, we have to be our own audience and envision how barbaric these attacks and stories could have been. The words of the people here attempt to explain the wounds the state of Kashmir has been inflicted with, how its destiny was unfortunately written in blood. It’s ironic that the place known as heaven on earth unleashed hell for some of its angels!

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