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Passengers face difficulties due to shortage of buses in city

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Hyderabad city passengers are facing a long wait at city bus stops due to shortage of buses. With half of the TSRTC fleet of buses being diverted to Medaram Jatara,  a very few buses are being operated in the city.
According to an official, “In the city around 1,800 buses of total 2,600 buses have been deployed for Medaram Jatara. Passengers will experience difficulty for four days till February 25. We request commuters to make alternate arrangements for their traveling,”  the officials said.
A commuter P Naresh said, “it is very difficult in the city without buses. For Metro route passengers do not face problem. But on non-metro routes, the passengers are forced to spend more money for engaging auto-rickshaw and cab to reach their destinations.

V Swetha said, “Due to the closure of back doors of city buses it is very hard to get in and get down at stops. For the last two days TSRTC is closing rear side doors, in the long run it may cause problems.
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