Thursday, February 22, 2024

Pawan comments on Volunteers again, asks govt. to clarify on data collection

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Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has once again raised the concerns about the collection of citizens’ data by the YSRCP government through Volunteers. He took to Twitter and posed questions on the volunteers system asking who is in charge of the volunteers and who instructs them to collect private data.

He questioned whether it is a private company and if so, who is the head of that company and asked whether the data collected was ordered by the AP Government.

Pawan Kalyan on this occasion asked YSRCP government should come out clean on data collection. Earlier, Pawan expressed his concerns about the volunteer system alleging that sensitive information about households and individuals being tracked by volunteers and questioned the government’s intentions behind the data collection.

Pawan urged people to be cautious and careful with the volunteer system, particularly emphasising the safety of girls and women. He alleged that the volunteer system is being used to establish a parallel political, police, and administrative system to control the people.

Stating that he is not against the volunteer system, Pawan Kalyan asked the people to only give the data that is required and not to give personal data. He said that volunteers should not work at the behest of YSRCP government.

However, Pawan Kalyan who was aggressive recently has now asked the government for clarity on data collection after the Andhra Pradesh government has decided to take legal action against Pawan Kalyan for his comments on the Volunteers.

On Friday, on the occasion of disbursal of Nethanna Nestham funds, YS Jagan to lashed out at Pawan Kalyan saying that no one with culture would insult or belittle the volunteers


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