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Pawan Kalyan assures Mallavalli farmers of justice

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Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan assured the Mallavalli farmers of doing justice and demanded the government to pay compensation as per the 2013 Land Acquisition Act.

Pawan Kalyan participated in an interaction session with Mallavalli on Sunday. Pawan Kalyan patiently listened to the problems of the farmers who parted with their lands.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that the establishment of industries is imperative for the growth of the state but at the same time adequate compensation should be disbursed to the farmers who give their lands. The Jana Sena always stands by the farmers till justice is done to them, he announced.

“The Mallavalli farmers met me when I was in Varahi Yatra in Eluru. They told me that when they demanded compensation for their lands, the police attacked them and thrashed them. Two farmers with injuries which they suffered in the police attack met me and told me their plight,” Pawan Kalyan lamented.

He said that he moved with the plight of farmers which they suffered for giving their lands for the establishment of industries, he deplored. Today Mallavalli farmers and tomorrow it could be any farmers, he feared.

The Mallavalli farmers told Pawan Kalyan that they met many leaders and explained the injustice meted out to them by not paying adequate compensation for their lands but to no avail, the farmers lamented.

“The government had taken 1400 acres of land from the farmers in 2006 to establish an industrial township at Mallavalli. The government fixed Rs 7.6 lakh per acre. Some of the farmers were given compensation. However many of the farmers have not been paid compensation for their lands so far,” he regretted.

Pawan Kalyan demanded the government pay compensation to the rest of the farmers as per the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. Pawan Kalyan said that the farming community does have caste, creed, or region as they belong to the farming community.

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