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Pawan Kalyan’s starry image helps him in politics

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Buddhavarapu Rajeswara Prasad

The politics of Andhra Pradesh is taking an interesting turn with actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan, overcoming his previous image as a part-timer in the rough and tumble of politics, jumping where the action is in state politics and raising his stakes filmi style.

After the state’s bifurcation, there was only one strong political party, that is the TDP, under the leadership of N. Chandrababu Naidu.

In the last Assembly elections, the YSRCP led by Jagan Mohan Reddy won the people’s mandate and is now well prepared to face elections with the confidence of an encore.

Now, there enters a film actor who never fails to create controversy. The actor turned politician is Pawan Kalyan. He has been making use of every opportunity to corner the state government, particularly Chief Minister Jagan.

For any political party, or for that matter, for any politician, there has never been a shortage of political issues whether social, economic or troubles of the people. At any given point of time, these are the issues that are evergreen.

Every political party or any politician can take to politics to serve people.

After AP’s bifurcation, each and every political party, said that they will develop the state and lead it on the path of growth. Now, one more party has entered the arena, that is, power star Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena. Although it was not so well entrenched during the 2014 elections, now it is making use of every chance that comes its way to get to the doorsteps of the people.

Since a year, Pawan Kalyan’s criticism of the government, particularly the corrupt activities of ministers, has become the talk of the town. He never failed to use opportunities that ensured the penetration of Jena Sena and its ideology.

The motto of all political parties is to serve the poor. But the irony is that what the ruling party itself is doing, is promised by parties that want to come to power. How people will believe such parties, and at the same time enjoy benefits given by the government?

Pawan Kalyan’s Jena Sena is not so well rooted as the YSRCP and the opposition TDP. The people of Andhra Pradesh are going to witness the political manoeuvring of three political parties. Two are well-oiled parties while the Jena Sena is a novice in politics. Pawan Kalyan’s main objective appears to be entrenching his party in Andhra Pradesh politics, whether he can win or not is a different thing.

But the political cyclone he has been creating is attracting everyone. Unlike a typical politician, he is taking steps that ensure the loyalty of people to his party. Since a year he has been where the problem is, helping people monetarily and coming to the rescue wherever the need be.

At the same time, he has been lambasting the government for its failures and for not fulfilling promises given to them. Highlighting the corruption of ministers and taking them to task in the very presence of the people is a point that has been helping the Jena Sena. Now, it will not be a three, but a four-cornered battle in Andhra Pradesh.

In this political circle, how well Pawan Kalyan’s power punch fares, is something to be seen. But as of now, the intensity of his political efforts to make a mark in Andhra Pradesh politics is attracting people from all corners.

Whether it will be a one-man show or will he take the helping hand of the TDP, or go for an alliance with the BJP is a thing that will be on the screen soon. For now, Pawan Kalyan’s starry image is helping him to be a star politician.

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