Monday, March 4, 2024

Pawan to begin poll campaign by month-end

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Jana Sena Political Affairs Committee chairman Nadendla Manohar has said that JSP chief K
Pawan Kalyan would tour various districts and address public meetings from the end of this month.
Addressing the zonal committee leaders and activists in the state office on Sunday, Manohar asked the leaders to evolve plans on organizing public meetings of Pawan Kalyan. He asked them to ensure that Pawan Kalyan addressed meetings covering all Assembly constituencies.
The Zonal committees should take the responsibility of organizing the meetings successfully, he told them. He said that 191 committees were formed in five zones including north AP, Godavari, Central AP, Rayalaseema zone 1 and Rayalaseema zone 2.
Manohar exhorted the zonal committee leaders to work hard to win the ensuing election. The election process has completely changed now. There are many conditions, restrictions and rules to organize meetings, he told them, adding that permission should be obtained from various departments to organize public meetings and rallies.
“The government will try to give trouble to the Jana Sena party. We should be prepared to face them. Lakhs of people come to Pawan Kalyan’s meeting and arrangements for the same should be made in a big way. Arrangements should also be made for interaction of Pawan Kalyan with the victims. We should prepare plans and arrangements much earlier, ”Manohar told the zonal committee leaders. JSP legal cell chairman I Sambashiva Pratap and administrative division chairman Kaluyanm Shiva Srinivas were among those who were present.

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