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People are my natural allies

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Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has affirmed that the people are the natural allies of YSRCP, emphasising that their support would propel the message of welfare throughout the State, evident in its tangible impact across communities. Addressing a massive gathering at the fourth ‘Siddham’ public meeting here on Sunday, the Chief Minister urged party members to vigorously convey the message of welfare to their respective constituencies, aiming for a resounding victory of 175 assembly and 25 Lok Sabha seats in the upcoming elections.
Highlighting the imperative of his continued leadership for the sustenance of welfare initiatives, CM Jagan urged the electorate to discern between substantial promises and empty rhetoric. He assured that the forthcoming YSRCP manifesto would consist solely of actionable commitments, unlike the TDP, which, he claimed, reneged on its pledges after the 2014 elections.
“I seek political power to realise the dreams and aspirations of every demographic segment, from women to farmers, from the elderly to school-going children, envisioning a prosperous future for all. In stark contrast, Chandrababu Naidu pursues power for self-serving objectives,” CM Jagan asserted.
Accusing the TDP of plagiarising manifestos from neighbouring states and pursuing alliances devoid of genuine concern for Andhra Pradesh, CM Jagan reiterated his allegiance solely to the people. He emphasised the tangible impact of YSRCP’s welfare schemes, asserting the party’s commitment to eradicating poverty and fostering societal transformation.
CM Jagan characterised the impending electoral contest as a battle between credibility and deception, between a party championing social justice and one representing feudalistic interests. He urged party members to expose the ulterior motives of the opposition and rally behind YSRCP’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people.
Providing a snapshot of YSRCP’s welfare disbursements, CM Jagan underscored the party’s track record of delivering benefits equitably across the state. He questioned the feasibility of TDP’s extravagant promises, casting doubt on their financial viability.
“My alliance is with the people and with divine providence. YSRCP will confront the TDP and its allies head-on,” declared CM Jagan, cautioning voters against falling for empty promises.
Drawing a metaphorical contrast between YSRCP’s grassroots support and TDP’s reliance on political alliances, CM Jagan emphasized the authenticity of his party’s engagement with the electorate.
In a symbolic gesture, CM Jagan urged party members to mobilize welfare beneficiaries as frontline campaigners, recognizing their pivotal role in advocating for YSRCP’s vision of inclusive progress.
Jagan reiterated his commitment to the welfare of every Andhra Pradesh resident, urging voters to make an informed choice in favour of progress and integrity.

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