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‘People are talking about Kushi’s music only because of Shiva Nirvana’

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The much-awaited Vijay and Samantha starrer Kushi is all set to hit theaters on September 1. Ahead of the films release, the man behind the films amazing visuals, G. Murali, speaks to the media, and shares some insights about the film.

K. Ramya Sree

Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha starrer Kushi is all set to hit theaters worldwide on September 1. The promotions of the movie is going in full swing with lots of glitz and glam and pre-release events. Recently, we spotted the lead pair dancing to one of the songs in the film during an event, and the pair looked too adorable with love pouring from all corners. If you have watched the trailer, you will know that the movie is set in various locations, including Kashmir. This movie seems to have given a lot of importance to its visuals and it is evident in all the videos they have released so far from the movie, directed by Shiva Nirvana and produced by Naveen Yerneni and Y Ravi Shankar under Mythri Movie Makers banner.

Cinematographer G. Murali, known for his stunning visuals in Andala Rakshashi has cranked the camera for Kushi and he gives all credits to Mythri Movie Makers for brining him on board this project.

“The theme of Kushi is that a young man who believes in true love comes to know that love and life will not go according to our imaginations. The visual beauty shown by cinematographer PC Sree Ram in Mani Ratnam’s films will be seen in Kushi. But we did not copy such scenes, but the visuals here will surely give you those feelings,” said the cinematographer, speaking to the media on Wednesday.

He continued, “Mythri Ravi Garu called me and said, ‘we are coming to Chennai with the director’. He asked me to listen to the story, and when Shiva narrated the story, I liked it very much. And I also know about his previous movies, and I feel happy to have the opportunity to work with such a good director. Moreover, I like Shiva Nirvana personally and his passion for filmmaking, which makes his movies even more special. He has a good taste in music, and I feel the reason why there is so much talking going on about Kushi’s music today is because of Shiva Nirvana’s taste.”

This film is very special to Murali because, if we look at the past few films that he worked on, like Kaala and Sarpatta, they are raw and rustic. But in Kushi, he got the chance to bring beautiful, feel-good visuals to life. “It felt like showing full life on the screen. After watching this movie, you will get a new feeling. I tried my best to bring that emotion through the camera,” he added.

Having born in Tamil Nadu, Murali was always interested in education, painting, social issues and politics from childhood. “I worked in communist organizations when I was a student. For some years, I had an interest to enter the film industry. I want the movies I do cinematography to be close to real life,” he shared who made his debut in Tollywood in 2005.

According to Murali, Kushi will be a love and family entertainer where Vijay and Samantha’s performances in the revolutionary and adorable characters will impress you. He shared, “The emotions and details shown by Vijay and Samantha in the situations added more beauty to the film. Vijay knows what his character needs. Kushi has all the commercial elements.”

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