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‘People at Cannes attempted to know me, realising I am an Indian actor’

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Actress Avneet Kaur made her debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year, which was notable for many reasons. She discussed her years in the entertainment industry and her first-ever appearance at the festival in an exclusive interview with The Pioneer.

This charming French town had much more to offer than its renowned international film festival, even as the long-anticipated Cannes Film Festival began.
 Cannes promised to enthrall actress Avneet Kaur, whether she chose to explore the picturesque surroundings, indulge in delectable cuisine, or fully immerse herself in the local culture. Truly, she was living the Riveria dream!
 The actress won people over with her pure charm. Avneet recently opened up to The Pioneer in an interview, sharing details about her Sikh ancestry, years spent in this field from a young age, her Cannes film festival debut, and more. To discover all the fascinating tales, read the complete interview.
 “I began working in the film industry when I was seven years old, and that was just a source of optimism for me; I didn’t feel under pressure. Despite the fact that I am younger than my co-stars, I do possess the necessary experience to work on sets. I have also had challenges, but I have persevered,” the actress shared. Kaur elaborated more on the difficulties she had just mentioned, saying, “I had no contacts—nobody to introduce me to the big shots in the industry. My family solved the bewilderness for me!”
When Avneet Kaur posted her incredible debut video at the Cannes Film Festival 2024 on social media, her admirers were taken aback. Avneet gave her cap an extra feather, and by doing such a kind thing, the tiny big girl was making everyone proud. The actress bowed, and as she moved and slayed, the red carpet came to her. Avneet looked gorgeous in a small, sparkly blue dress, but what really stood out was the long cape she brought.
The actress said, “From my early years, I had attended school in Punjab. I am proficient in Gurmukhi. Since we communicate in Punjabi, there is a cultural component to our conversation. I am incredibly pleased to be a Sikh! The morals that Sikhism instills in us have greatly aided in my professional development as an actress. In our household, it’s traditional for me to visit the Gurudwara before beginning a new venture or signing a new script.” Mardaani fame recounted, “It wasn’t pre-planned; instantly “Wahe Guru” came into my mind, and very spontaneously I bowed down, not thinking about what others would think.” She touched the red carpet to seek blessings. “It would be my great pleasure to continue this heritage with my future children.”
She went on, “I have seen numerous setbacks in this field since I began reality television shows. Specifically, audition rejections! I recall losing out on several extremely significant ventures. However, what’s the deal? My hope was never dashed by that! The struggles didn’t stop there; I recall moving to Mumbai in a one-bedroom apartment with my family. My parents had a difficult time moving from Punjab, where they were raised, to Mumbai so that I could start work. Naturally, they long for companionship!”
“I love to experiment with my looks!” the actress said in response to a question regarding her preparations for various roles. “On screen, I like to be more colourful. I found it challenging to perform in a mythological show, and my next  project was to play a contemporary girl. I purposefully chose it because I wanted to push myself. These are the kinds of experiments that I enjoy carrying out.”
The Tiku Weds Sheru star talked further about her relationship with the movies by saying, “I remember doing the Alladin show and I fell extremely sick; I was diagnosed with dengue. My family was going through a very difficult moment, and I was in the hospital for a very long time. The doctors told me I was critically ill. I made the decision to go away from the business! This break was required, and by God’s grace, I was able to get an audition for Tiku Weds Sheru. I was successful, and suddenly I was signing movies, with Luv Ki Arrange Marriage being one of them.”
Yeah, it was time to talk about her recent triumph at Cannes in detail and a more thrilling Avneet, recalling the event, says, “I was standing for an unprecedented partnership between Vietnam and India. Being the youngest actress on the red carpet, I was making news on page 3! Cannes had never occurred to me. I found it really admirable that everyone there was treated fairly.”
She will never forget the unforgettable moment when, “I saw Selena Gomez inside, I have always been her admirer. As soon as I saw her, I simply stopped. My movie poster unveiling would come in second. I also observed how much people cherished Bollywood films when I was at Cannes. They couldn’t wait to see what Indian cinema had to offer. When people realised I am an Indian actor, they instantly smiled, which made me even happier at Cannes! People were attempting to get to know me.”
At film festival, she made her debut by revealing the first look of her film Love in Vietnam, which is produced, written, and directed by Omung Kumar and Rahhat Shah Kazmi!

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