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‘People won’t believe dramas’ YSRCP planning to buy votes with tainted money: Chandrababu, Pawan Kalyan‘

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Telugu Desam party chief N Chandrababu Naidu and Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan have come down heavily on Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy alleging that the YSRCP is planning to buy votes using the huge money earned with corrupted means.
Addressing an election meeting jointly in Pedana on Wednesday, Chandrababu said that Jagan Reddy enacted ‘Goddalipotu’ and ‘Kodikatti’ dramas in the 2019 elections and now he is enacting ‘Gulakarai’ drama, adding that the people will not believe the dramas.
“Stones were also hurled on me and also on Pawan Kalyan. Did they not see? We have condemned the hurling of a stone toward Jagan Mohan Reddy. But Jagan Reddy did not condemn when stones pelted on us,” Chandrababu pointed out.
Blaming the YSRCP as corrupt, Chandrababu said that the YSRCP leaders are planning to buy votes using huge money which they have earned through liquor, sand and land scams. Unable to bear harassment and humiliation of
Jagan Mohan Reddy, many YSRCP leaders have exited the party, he claimed.

“Machilipatnam MP Balashowry quit YSRCP with a disgust that he could not do anything for Machilipatnam during his five years tenure as a ruling party MP and he joined the Jana Sena party. TDP, JSP and BJP. keep in view the progress of the State and protect its interests,” Chandrababu asserted.
The TDP-JSP-BJP alliance is committed to uphold democracy and for the development of AP, Chandrababu observed. He called upon people to remove Jagan from the Chief Minister post by electing the alliance, stating that Jagan does not know anything except pushing buttons.
The State does need a Chief Minister only to push a button as even an elderly woman can do that, Chandrababu lambasted. Jagan Mohan Reddy has ruined the State, he alleged and wooed the voters to vote for the alliance.
Addressing the crowd, Pawan Kalyan alleged that Jagan Reddy came to power asking for one chance and he ruined the State in five years with his misrule. He vowed to punish those who plunder natural resources, if the alliance is voted to power. Pawan Kalyan said that Jagan Reddy denied tickets to 70 sitting MLAs with the fear of defeat, which is clearly reflecting his frustration. He introduced Kagita Krishna Prasad and JSP MP candidate Vallabaneni Balashowry and appealed to the voters to elect them.

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