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Personal allegations not proper

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BC BRS leaders condemn Revanth’s remarks


Minister Talasani Srinivasa Yadav said that criticism is natural in politics. Making accusations and counter-accusations in terms of content is a part of democracy. But it is not a good practice to target individuals and insult them.

BC Ministers Gangula Kamalakar, Srinivas Goud and others met at Minister Talasani residence on Wednesday against the backdrop of Congress party leaders making personal allegations against the BRS and BC leaders.

Revanth Reddy body-shamed Gangula Kamalakar as “He looks like a fat, ugly pig, rat.” He flagged that some leaders are talking with arrogance and belittling the rising leadership in the BCs. The leaders of the Congress party were under fire for speaking to damage the self- respect of the BCs. The BC leaders, the representatives of the caste groups and the people have warned that the Congress party will be grounded. He said that the Congress party is conspiring to suppress the BCs. They are targeting them after winning with their votes.

He said that the future course of action will be announced soon in the case of those who target BC leaders. BC will conduct caste-wise meetings. He said that the policies of the Congress party will be exposed.

On this occasion, Minister Talasani said, Recently, the Congress leaders have been scolding the BC leaders in the press meetings. They are calling our BC leaders and threatening them. We won’t spare if you criticise the leaders and activists of the backward communities”.

He wants to answer why the Congress party is silent about such people. We will not tolerate it.

We will unite the BCs across the state. He said that the activity will be announced soon. Minister Srinivas Goud has flagged the attitude of PCC President Revanth Reddy who is making personal and derogatory accusations against BC public representatives in BRS party. He warned that the Congress party will be grounded if BC leaders get involved. Minister Srinivas Goud spoke at the Minister's Quarters in Banjara Hills.

Responding to this meeting, Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy said, “If KCR has guts and courage, will he give the post of Chief Minister to a BC leader instead next to KTR?”. He said that Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav is “Wig Raju”. If you say one word to Revanth will speak 100 words.

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