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PHONE-TAPPING CASE A 1 informed his superior about his trip abroad for treatment

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The accused number one of phone-tapping case Prabhakar Rao
 has contacted two IPS rank officers and an Inspector rank officers to inform them that he has gone for medical treatment and he will come back in a few months.
During the arguments over 73 CrPC at the Nampally court, advocate Surender Rao for Prabhakar Rao argued that his client called the police and gave his address, phone number and e-mail id to contact him. But still they are trying to issue a warrant against him.
Surender Rao said that he has been suffering from throat cancer for many years. Also he booked his flight tickets in February and he left India in March. There is no legally reliable material other than confessions, he mentioned.
A source said that more than twice he called the police regarding the case. But they have not responded properly. However he may come in June.
The Public Prosecutor Samba Shiva Reddy said that Prabhakar Rao left the country the next day after the case was registered, on March 11 and Sravan Rao (A6) left the next day after Praneeth Rao was arrested.
He requested the court to grant a warrant under 73 CrPC to produce Prabhakar Rao in the court. To issue 73 CrPC, Samba Shiva Reddy cited ‘State Through Cbi vs Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar & Ors’ case.
To counter that case, Surender Rao said that it was a terrorist attack case and also a warrant issued around four years after the incident happened. Also in the cited case police had done some efforts to nab him, but the police have done anything for Prabhakar Rao, he sought to know.
The police are issuing 91 CrPC notices to son of Prabhakar Rao and he is replying to those notices. Under that section, police are asking him when he will come back, and other questions and he has furnished every detail to the police.

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