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Phygital Elegance: A stardust affair redefining luxury

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Tanisha Saxena
Impeccably fashioned through the intricate intertwining of ropes and adorned with resplendent crystals, this accessory transcends mere functionality—it stands as an emblem of refinement and individuality. Adjacent to it, another Rosantica masterpiece unfolds a lively fusion of vibrant ropes, a sartorial declaration commanding attention at any venue.
Behold the “Holli Era” bag, a contemporary rendition of Rosantica’s iconic Holli enveloped entirely in black nappa leather and accentuated with golden-toned brass embellishments. As one’s gaze gracefully glides to another enclave, the allure of Stella Nova’s silver-tone shawl-lapel jacket captivates every discerning shopper. Not to be outshone, a neckpiece by Silvia Gnecchi emerges—galvanized brass, gold-plated, nickel-free, bedecked with glass crystals, and meticulously assembled hand-welded elements. Each piece becomes a narrative of style and sophistication at this remarkable showcase.
Aisha S. Kothari’s brainchild, AiSPI, has orchestrated a distinctive convergence of over 45 international brands at The Chanakya in Delhi. This event, A stardust affair: The AiSPi speakeasy, represents a groundbreaking fusion of the Physical+Digital (Phygital) realm, concurrently heralding the inauguration of the AiSPI club. This club introduces a pioneering point-based tier system, endowing participants with exclusive and innovative privileges at each tier. The occasion features an illustrious roster of stylists, including Yashima Babbar, Ritika Sachdeva, Namita Alexander, Jhanvi Pallicha, and Edward Lalrempuia, who are set to conduct virtual styling sessions, further elevating the multifaceted experience.
For the uninitiated, “Phygital” refers to experiences that blend both physical and digital elements. In the context of shows or events, phygital shows combine traditional, in-person aspects with digital or virtual components, creating a hybrid experience for the audience. This could include incorporating virtual reality, augmented reality, or online streaming alongside live physical shows.
In recent times, there has been a discernible shift toward trunk shows, especially those of a more intimate nature with curated selections. Globally, trunk shows are esteemed as exclusive, invitation-only gatherings that prioritize not only the showcased products but also the overall experiential dimension. Presently, this paradigm is undergoing a renaissance in India, where the concept is being astutely reimagined to encompass a phygital realm—seamlessly integrating the physical and digital spheres. This evolution augments the show’s allure by incorporating elements of virtual engagement, underscoring a sophisticated fusion of the traditional and the contemporary for the discerning Indian audience.
Federica Francisco, Brand Manager at Rosantica takes us through the jaw-dropping collection and introduces us to the “Holli Bling” handbag, which epitomizes a harmonious fusion of style and functionality. She says, “Distinguished by its resolute character, meticulously structured design, and superior material quality, it stands as the pinnacle of Rosantica’s sales and an iconic model. In the Holiday collection, Holli’s framework boasts silvered metal adorned with elegant black crystals, while its interior hosts a detachable pouch in luxurious black hotfix fabric. Serving as the epitome of a statement accessory, this impeccable creation is graced with substantial faux pearls serving as handles, adding an extra layer of sophistication.”
Other international brands launching their collections in India are Mietis from Barcelona, Kat Maconie from London, Mlouye from Istanbul, WaiWai from Rio de Janeiro, and Gedebe from Milan.
Kothari eagerly anticipates the unveiling of an exclusive collaborative venture with London’s esteemed accessories brand, L’alingi. This opulent two-piece collection, a joint creation by Kothari and L’Alingi’s founder, Alia Zaki Ali, stands as a tailored offering for the discerning Indian market. “Following the resounding success of the previous AiSPi x L’alingi exclusive, swiftly selling out during its April pre-launch, this unparalleled collection is slated for exclusive retail through AiSPi. Furthermore, an additional exclusive line, drawing inspiration from India’s rich aesthetic tapestry, is poised for launch in collaboration with the distinguished Georgian handbag brand 0711 Tbilisi. This curated collection will present a refined selection of color palettes, sizes, and styles, carefully curated from the expansive repertoire of this esteemed designer,” says Kothari.
AiSPI serves as a pivotal platform that transcends geographical boundaries, facilitating a seamless connection between Europe and India. Its distinguished travel guides meticulously showcase an extensive array of over 2500 boutiques situated in more than 30 European cities, such as Paris, London, Stockholm, Megève, St. Tropez, Courchevel, Rome, and Barcelona.
Kothari initiated the platform with the objective of streamlining sponsored content within the industry, fostering transparency, and providing authentic perspectives. The curation process is wholly independent, driven by expertise and thorough research. To extend access to European designers for clients unable to travel, AiSPi orchestrates physical pop-ups and meticulously curated online trunk shows.

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