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Plan to eliminate garbage vulnerable points

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Over 1,604 awareness meetings were conducted to eliminate garbage vulnerable points (GVPs), with the implementation of a weekly action plan in all basti areas upon the directions given by the Commissioner of the GHMC. The objective of the plan is to achieve 100% door-to-door solid waste management (SWM) collection and eliminate garbage vulnerable points (GVP’s) with the participation of Self-Help Group members (SHG).
The aim of the weekly plan is to ensure thorough SWM collection and GVP elimination.
As per the GHMC report, currently 1,604 meetings have been held involving SHGs, SAT Auto drivers, and SLF members and major garbage collection gaps were  identified in slum areas with 1,97,847 households attached to SATs for garbage collection out of 1,46,547. Over 921 rallies were conducted, with around 1,006 motivational programmes, and 1,031 Rangoli sessions have been conducted engaging 2,024 citizens.
About 229 TVC meetings have addressed households which are not connected to SATs, alongside 1,604 awareness sessions targeting GVP elimination were conducted, while SHG workers have been recognised for their dedication and hardwork.
The weekly plan starts with basti meeting on Day 1, identification of households not tagged to SAT vehicles on Day 2, conducting rallies in all basti areas on Day 3, motivational programmes on Day 4 and Rangoli on Day 5, town vending committee meeting (TVC) on Day 6 and concluding the weekend programme with a pledge and resolutions on the last day.

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