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Political heat on free power

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The issue of supplying electricity free to farmers has suddenly increased the political heat. BRS leaders lashed out at the comments made by TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy on free electricity supply. Meanwhile, the BJP MP representing Nizamabad, Dharmapuri Arvind, too made some comments making the subject hotter.

He said that KCR was behind Revanth Reddy’s comments on free electricity. “Is Komatireddy Venkat Reddy wrong on free electricity or is Revanth Reddy right?” he asked. He said that BRS MLC Kavitha and Revanth were business partners and asked which farmer told Revanth that three hours of electricity is enough. Revanth is dancing to the tunes of KCR, he added.

Arvind said that everything is going on as per KCR’s instructions on whether Revanth should be increased or decreased in stature politically. He said that KCR has been sending money to Revanth after the Karnataka elections.

Arvind said that Congress B-Forms will go from the hands of KCR. “Can Revanth guarantee that Congress MLAs will not join the BRS after winning on a Congress ticket?” he asked.

Addressing the media at the State BJP office here on Thursday, Arvind said that even a crow does not want to shit on the Kalvakuntla family and that Ministers Harish Rao and KTR were useless.

Arvind warned that he will slap KTR if he says again that the Centre is not giving funds to the State. He said that Harish took Rs 100 crore from the Centre for the Siddipet Hospital.

He said that the Kalvakuntla family has been sucking the blood of Telangana people and that KTR wants his sister Kavitha to be jailed. He also said that he will place the full history of KTR before the public.

He said that the shameless Harish is telling lies about funding medical colleges and that KTR constructed the Sircilla Ring Road using the Rs 100 crore given by the Centre.

“Are Harish and KTR human beings or cattle?” he asked adding that he wrote a letter to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman saying that ‘Telangana Ministers are saying that the Centre is not giving funds.’

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