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Poly curriculum to be tailored to employment needs

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Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development and IT Secretary Saurabh Gaur has said that new curriculum will be prepared to train polytechnic students according to industry requirements.

A special workshop was held in Vijayawada on Wednesday on the necessity and implementation of the new curriculum in polytechnic teaching under the joint auspices of the State Technical Education Department and the State Technical Education and Training Council.

Industry representatives, heads of departments of engineering colleges, principals of polytechnic colleges and teachers formed teams and brought several suggestions to the attention of the meeting after a thorough discussion.

Speaking on the occasion, Saurabh Gaur said it was the government’s mission to provide training to polytechnic students as per the actual circumstances. He said that a full-scale change in curriculum was being initiated so that polytechnic students can get immediate employment. He said that currently, intellectual cultivation was being done to overcome the small gap between the industry and the education system.

He further said it was a concern that even the students who had obtained the highest marks were facing problems in getting a job. He said that the current programme was part of an effort to find out the reasons for this situation and find a solution.

Director of the Technical Education Department and Chairman of the State Technical Education and Training Council Chadalavada Nagarani said many issues came to the attention of the meeting in this context. She said that the suggestion to make practicals, which is currently 40 per cent, to 50 per cent was important. She said that the formulation of the curriculum, studying the syllabus in other States, training the teachers according to the changed syllabus and timely printing of textbooks were discussed in the meeting.

“We aim to prepare a new curriculum for the academic year 2023-2024 for the benefit of the students by considering the model curriculum of the All-India Council of Technical Education. Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy ordered that along with the change in the syllabus of the existing courses, the design of new courses should be done accordingly,” she added.

Director of Training and Employment Department Lavanya, Megha Engineering AGM Nasser Vali, Tata Motors Head Rajendra Prasad, Efftronics Executive Manager Bhavani Shankar, Tech Mahindra Head Kiran, Arun from Ola Electrical, Vishnu Chemicals AGM Suresh, Ramesh from Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Tatavarthi Apparels MD Subbarao, Kushalava Industries Director Gopala Rao Many suggestions have been made.

Technical Education Department Joint Director Padma Rao, Technical Education Board Secretary Vijaya Bhaskar, Joint Secretary Janakiram, Deputy Director Ramakrishna, Kalyan, Joint Secretary Narayana Rao, Deputy Secretary Lakshmipathi and others participated in the programme.

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