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Population of undivided Karimnagar crosses 36 lakh

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PNS | Karimnagar

The population of the undivided Karimnagar district crossed 36 lakh. The total population of the undivided Karimnagar district is put at 36,19,599 as against the 2011 population of 33,38,497. In fact, the population growth from the 2001 census to the 2011 census is put at 8.42%.

According to a tentative study, the Medical and Health statistics indicate that at least 70 children are taking birth in the district on average every day. In jagtial, there are 1,036 women for every 1000 men. The Karimnagar and Peddapalli districts indicate a higher male population. In respect of the other two districts women outnumber men. In the undivided district, the women outnumbered the men.

The infrastructural amenities should improve in tune with the growing population.

With the formation of Karimnagar, Siricilla, Jagtial and Peddapalli districts out of the undivided Karimnagar, there is perceptible change taking place in the urban population.

The population of Karimnagar 10 years ago was 2.52 lakh. Now it is estimated to have crossed 4.02 lakh. Given industrialiation of the Ramagundam area, people are migrating to this area. Currently, the population of Ramagundam is put at 3.47 lakh. The population of Jagtial is 1.43 lakh, while that of Siricilla town is 1.14 lakh The towns of Korutla, Metpalli, Siricilla, Vemulavada, Jammikunta, Huzurabad and Peddapalli register considerable growth in population.

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