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Poverty can be eradicated only through education: YSRCP

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Reiterating the landmark reforms implemented in the education sector by the YSRCP government, party’s Vizag North in-charge KK Raju on Wednesday said, “Before we came to power, child labour was rampant in the State, but since the YSRCP government came to power, we ensured education is given top priority. The schemes implemented to revolutionize the education system have fetched remarkable changes in the lives of children and their families who cannot now afford quality education.”

Speaking to the media in Visakhapatnam, he reiterated the party’s stand which is that poverty can be eradicated in the state only through education. ‘In the past, children would often suffer from an inferiority complex as they did not have access to quality education at government schools, however today the scenario has completely changed. Today, under the able leadership of CM Jagan, the government provides not just quality education but also tablets, school bags, books, school uniforms, shoes, etc, and encourages them to study.’

He elaborated, ‘The government’s mission is to provide education, health, housing, and employment to every person across the State. We want to move towards equitable development.” Throwing an open challenge to the TDP as far as the education sector is concerned, he said.

“During the previous TDP regime, Andhra Pradesh was one of the worst-performing states in the country, ranking 24th in the performance-based grading index of the Union Ministry of Education but today due to the efforts of YSRCP in the last three years, the State has jumped to the 7th rank.”

According to the Sixteenth Annual Education Status Report (Rural) 2021, enrollment in government schools has increased from 62% in 2018 to 71% today. In Andhra Pradesh, the state government has allocated Rs. 30,134.36 crores for the education sector in the 2022-23 budget allocation. He said that 100% of teachers had been trained in the system.

He said that in the spirit of the ‘Nadu-Nedu’ programme launched by CM Jagan, the Central government has decided to open 14,500 schools across the country with all facilities, and the name of ‘Nadu-Nedu’ has been changed to ‘PM SHRI’ (PM Schools for Rising India) and this is a matter of pride for the people of Andhra.

He slammed Chandrababu Naidu and Co and said that they had become brand ambassadors for commissions and destroyed public education by prioritizing corporate education. He said, “Chandrababu’s only job is to make fake advertisements.”

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