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‘Power brokers are leaving BRS for greener pastures’

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Former minister and Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader T Harish Rao on Friday came down heavily on the leaders who are deserting the party for greener pastures. He described the leaders, who are deserting the party as “power brokers.” Their departure from the party will in no way dent the party’s popularity.
In the backdrop of massive defections from the BRS to the Congress and the BJP in recent times, Harish Rao remarked that while the Congress can “purchase” its party leaders, it cannot entice the loyalty of the party’s activists and the voters.
Individuals who are leaving the party during tough times are betraying the party. They would not be allowed to return to the party fold under any circumstances. These “power brokers” would always be on the move in search of greener pastures, he pointed out.
He was speaking at a meeting held as a preparatory exercise for Lok Sabha polls. He likened the phase of defections from the BRS to autumn when deciduous trees shed leaves.
The BRS brought water for irrigation and drinking to Dubbaka. The Congress and BJP made no contributions here, he said, further asking party cadres to take the “lies” of the Congress party to the people.
The Congress government had failed to deliver on its promises. He ridiculed Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy for describing the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as a referendum for the Congress government’s 100-day rule. “Has he delivered on Rs 4,000 pension, Rythu Bandhu, one Tola gold, bonus on paddy promises? The Congress should be shown its place for not keeping its promises. We will exert pressure on the Congress until it fulfils its promises,” he added.
Targeting BJP Medak Lok Sabha candidate M Raghunandan Rao, he said that the saffron party’s senior leader is back again to “cheat” people with “deceptive promises.”
Obvious referring to the arrest of BRS MLC K Kavitha, Harish wondered as why there was not even one case against the BJP leaders in the country.

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