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Power situation improves in AP

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As the power situation in the State has improved there is no need to enforce restrictions on power consumption by the industries according to the State power distribution company (Discoms) in a report to the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC).

Discoms have written a letter to APERC on September 1 to allow partial restriction on the consumption of the industries till September 15 and allow it to be supplied to the priority sectors like agriculture and domestic needs without any cut in the wake of the gap between the demand and supply of electricity.

In this background, K Vijayanand, Special Chief Secretary of the Energy Department, conducted a review of the power situation with the representatives of Transco, APPCC, APGENCO and DISCOM. In this review, it was decided that the demand has decreased due to some rains and the weather has cooled down, and it has been decided that electricity can be supplied as per the demand for the next two weeks.

According to the decision taken in the review, the Discoms have appealed to the APERC to allow full power supply to industries as before without any conditions. Dicsoms have announced that they have been supplying electricity without interruption anywhere in the state since Sunday.

The pressure on the State grid has reduced due to rains due to low pressure in the State. There has been no power shortage for three days. Officials have concluded that there is no need to impose formal load shedding on industrial consumers as the overall situation has improved. Discoms have reported the same to APERC for approval and requested all consumers to note this.

“We are buying about 40 million units per day from the short-term market till September 15 at a cost of Rs 9.10 per unit for the convenience of consumers and all the authorities are on alert for uninterrupted power supply to the household, agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors without causing any inconvenience to the people,” they said.

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