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Prasanth Varma clarifies amid speculations ‘No targeted dig at anyone’

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Prasanth Varma, director of the anticipated film HanuMan, addresses recent speculations about a cryptic post on his social media, clarifying that it was not aimed at actor Ranveer Singh. The post, which stated “one day you realise every rejection was a blessing in disguise,” sparked rumours due to the duo’s previous collaboration attempt on the film Rakshas, which didn’t materialise reportedly due to creative differences.
Setting the record straight, Varma explains, “The post was a reflection on my journey and gratitude for where it has led me. Rejections early in my career eventually paved the way for projects like HanuMan. It was not directed at anyone specific.”
The 35-year-old filmmaker emphasises that his social media presence aims to inspire positivity, despite the misinterpretations that often arise. “I refrain from posting frequently due to the fear of misinterpretation. People tend to connect dots baselessly. My intention is to inspire, and that sentence was meant as a general motivational quote.”
Regarding the fallout with Ranveer Singh over Rakshas, Varma attributes it solely to creative differences. “It was a matter of differing viewpoints on the films’ direction. I hold great respect for Ranveer as an actor and I believe he respects my work as well.”
When asked about finding a replacement for Singh in Rakshas, currently on hold, Varma states, “I haven’t considered anyone else at this point. It will take time to revisit that decision.”
Despite the project’s setback, Varma confirms that he and Singh maintain a positive relationship. “We are in touch and maintain cordiality. The film didn’t happen, but our friendship remains intact.”
Prasanth Varma concludes on a positive note, focusing on his ongoing projects and emphasising his commitment to delivering meaningful cinema.

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