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Preparations underway for polls in State

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In anticipation of upcoming elections in the State, authorities, led by the Election Commission of India (ECI), have initiated comprehensive preparations to ensure the conduct of free and fair polls. Notably, the five North Coastal districts have been a focal point, with the deployment of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) companies as per ECI directives. According to reliable information, each of the North Coastal districts has received at least one CISF company, with Visakhapatnam city welcoming two such companies. The commanding officers of these units have strategically directed their personnel to specific areas where they will be discharging their election duties.
A senior IPS officer from the Visakhapatnam police commissionerate, while confirming the deployment, stated, “We have received two CISF companies, each comprising 100 personnel. Another company is scheduled to arrive on March 7. These units have been accommodated at the Vizag Steel Plant area and Bakkannapalem (Madhurawada).” As part of the pre-election deployment strategy, one CISF company was tactically stationed at an isolated location on the outskirts of Anandapuram mandal in the city during the late hours of Sunday.
In Anakapalli, a police officer reported, “We have received a CISF company with 90 members and expect more reinforcements due to the presence of sensitive polling stations. This deployment is a confidence-building measure before the elections, allowing the CISF personnel to familiarise themselves with the areas, local residents, their behaviour, and identify sensitive and conflict-prone zones.”

The CISF companies, arriving via trains from different parts of the country, have been accommodated by the State police in various locations, including government colleges for their stay. Police sources indicate that approximately 100 companies are expected to reach the State before the election notification is issued in the middle of this month, marking the commencement of pre-election activities.

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