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‘Prioritising skincare in my busy schedule is non-negotiable’

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Undeniably, skincare is a must on the list of celebrities, and so is it for our guest Sonam Kapoor, whose skincare mantra revolves around consistency and simplicity. This week, for our weekly Celeb Talk column, the diva shares exclusively with K. Ramya Sree her beauty credo, memorable fashion moments, some secrets, and more.
Think of a celebrity and one thing that would certainly strike our minds — their appearance. By appearance, we just don’t mean their outfit or how they put themselves, but the reason behind their glowing skin.
By far the majority of celebrities talked extensively about their skincare regimen and the products they use, among other things, and this kind of information particularly appeals to young people who look up to them as role models. Well, and so Sonam Kapoor, the diva, was our guest for this week’s celeb conversation. She talked to us about her beauty credo, memorable fashion moments, beauty secrets, and more.
The new Mommie is ageing like fine wine. Having been in the industry for many years, not once has she lost her charm nor failed to captivate her fans with her looks. This, of course, involves rigorous care and routine that is to be followed, and for Sonam, it is ‘consistency and simplicity’, which enhances her beauty every passing day.
Speaking further in the conversation about her beauty mantra, the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo star said, “My beauty mantra revolves around consistency and simplicity. I firmly believe that true beauty emanates from taking care of oneself both inside and out. Staying hydrated, ensuring an adequate amount of sleep, and using products that enhance rather than mask my natural features are essential components of my routine. One beauty hack I religiously follow is the nightly ritual of thoroughly cleansing my body, irrespective of how tired I might be. Vivel’s Aloe Vera soap is my current favourite as it enriches my skin with not just the qualities of aloe vera but Vitamin E as well. It’s a small step that makes my skin glow and feel satin-soft.”
With frequent travel being part of her profession, we were curious to know how she adapts her skincare routine to different climates and environments, and the onscreen Neerja tipped us, “Given the nature of my profession, frequent travel is part of the course. Adapting my bath and skincare routine to different climates and environments is crucial. I prioritise hydration and adjust the intensity of my moisturiser based on the humidity levels of the destination. Water intake is high during my travel as well.”
She added, “Prioritising skincare in my busy schedule is a non-negotiable aspect of my self-care routine. In the fast-paced world of the entertainment industry, where schedules can be demanding, taking time for myself is crucial. I carve out dedicated moments for skincare, viewing it not just as a routine but as a form of self-love and rejuvenation. It’s these moments that allow me to unwind and recharge, ensuring that I bring my best self to both my personal and professional lives. Skincare, in essence, is an integral part of my overall well-being.”
Moreover, when it comes to fashion, her name always resonates with fashion icons. She is a fashionista, and it is safe to say that she is a ‘responsible fashionista’. Sonam has proudly represented many local artisans’ work at large global events. Whenever she is at an international event, she ensures to wear clothing from an Indian or South Asian designer because she wants the West to know more about us.
Sonam, who was also the only Indian actor at the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, explained, “Red carpet events are glamorous, but they also require a lot of behind-the-scenes prep. Skincare plays a vital role, and I always ensure my skin is well-hydrated before I look for the carpet, my team is the star here! They know how to make me look and feel glam before any event.”
The Saawariya actress has not only influenced a lot of people with her work, but the characters in her films also had an impact on her. She shared, “I think Aisha was a film I did where there was a bit of added glam; I did love some of my looks in that film. On the other hand, in some of my films, I have completely kept a natural look. Working closely with makeup and skincare professionals on set has provided valuable insights into the importance of maintaining proper skincare, especially during long shoots. These experiences have made me more conscious of my routine and reinforced the significance of caring for my skin.”
On the other hand, the actress and entrepreneur recently became the new brand ambassador for Vivel, and she says she is super excited to represent ITC Vivel Aloe Vera Soap, which not only celebrates beauty but also champions the importance of self-care, confidence, and embracing one’s individuality.
Speaking about her partnership with this brand, the Raanjhaana actress shared, “I’ve had the privilege of representing several brands throughout my career, and each collaboration has been special in its way. What drew me to collaborate with ITC Vivel, was the brand’s commitment to skincare and overall wellness. Vivel goes beyond beauty and skincare, emphasising the significance of self-love for your body by leveraging nature’s bounty with ingredients like aloe vera. It’s not just about endorsing a product; it’s about endorsing a lifestyle that encourages people to feel good in their skin. This resonated deeply with me, and I’m excited to be associated with a brand that prioritises inclusivity and authenticity.”
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