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Producer Singanamala Kalyan: Rakshasa Kavyam will give the audience such a new experience

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No matter the profession you are in, there is a different place and love for cinema that one has in their lives. Similar has been for Singanamala Kalyan, who was initially a software engineer, has now turned into a movie producer and financier in foreign countries. This year, through his Cine Valley Movies has produced Bhaag Saale, and is now producing the upcoming film Rakshasa Kavyam,  in partnership with Garuda Productions and Pingo Pictures along with Damu Reddy.

The film stars actors Abhai Naveen, Anvesh Michael, Pawan Ramesh, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini, and Rohini in lead roles and is directed by Sriman Keerthy. The film is going to hit screens on October 13. On this occasion, producer Singanamala Kalyan talked about the film “Rakshasa Kavyam” and his career journey. Just like any movie buff, Singanamala too had a keen interest towards movies. But how did the transition from being a software engineer to films happened? Let’s hear to what he has to tell us: “I was working as a software engineer, but never lost my love for the film industry. I have worked in Europe and Middle East countries. I have been working in a software company in America for the past 15 years. One day producer Damu Reddy was brought to me by Sridhar Reddy of Madhura. Rakshasa Kavyam is a good subject. He said that it is a raw and rustic movie with a Telangana backdrop. I loved the story line of the movie, and that’s how I entered the movie production of Rakshasa Kavyam”.

Rakshasa Kavyam is natural, raw, and rustic, without any melodrama. It is close to what we see in real life. “The movie shows the mindset and lifestyle of the lower middle class people and the people living in the slums. There children are addicted to alcohol and sent to work without education. Villains wins in this story. The comedy point of why heroes always win is also new. In our movies, there are also funny scenes that show how the villains are being played down, how the heroes are being hyped. A context in Puranas is related to the story of “Rakshasa Kavyam”. A rushi coming to Kailasagiri is stopped by two gatekeepers. Rushi gets angry and curses. Will you take ten births as a devotee of your god? Or are they born as enemies of God and take three births? He asks. Then those gatekeepers fail to see our God. It is said that we are born as demons in three births. Those born like that are Ravanasura, Kumbhakarna in Ramayana, Sisupala and Kamsa in Mahabharata, the two gatekeepers of that time and the two were born again in Kaliyuga. One of them prefers villains to heroes. Another appears as a monstrous bully who kills everyone.”

The producer had all praises for its director as he shared, “Director Sreeman has screened the story better than he told it. Without any fantasy, melodrama, foreign location shoots, naturally he has made the lives of the people we see in the slums raw and rustic. Today the audience likes negative characters. The success of movies like Pushpa and KGF is proof of that. If the hero is like Buddha, the film will flop. Such a trend is now underway. That’s why what Dil Raju garu said in our trailer release is correct.”

He also hints about the characters of Anvesh, who will make the audience laugh with his character, while  Abhai, who is going to play a serious rowdy character.

Going ahead, he shares, “ We are going to make movies consecutively in our Cine Valley Movies. Presently, the post-production of the film Prema Katha, which is being produced by our company in partnership with the head of Tanga Productions, Vijay Mattapalli, is in full stage. We are preparing for release in November. We want to release another movie on Christmas or January. We shot that movie in America in Los Angeles. In our company, we are going to start a new movie in the direction of Sanjeev Reddy in October with Chaitanya Rao as the hero. There is a plan to make big movies with star heroes in our production by next year or the year after that. We are approaching some star heroes.”

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