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progress of polavaram project Naidu to revive weekly review

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After a five-year hiatus, the TDP has returned to power with a significant majority in the recent general elections. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is once again prioritising the Polavaram Irrigation Project, often called Andhra Pradesh’s Lifeline. The previous YSRCP government, led by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, has been criticised for neglecting the project during its tenure.
Chief Minister Naidu has decided to reinstate the weekly ‘Every Monday-Polavaram’ review meetings, a practice from his previous term (2014-2019). As part of this initiative, CM Naidu will visit the Polavaram Project on June 17 to inspect the ongoing work.
The Polavaram Irrigation Project, which received National Status after the state bifurcation, initially had an estimated cost of Rs 10,151.04 crore. This cost was revised to Rs 20,398.61 crore and further increased to Rs. 55,548.87 crore at the 2017-18 price level. The Union Government has agreed to cover the revised cost of Rs. 55,548.87 crore.
According to the Water Resources Department (WRD), as of May 2024, the total expenditure on the project stands at Rs. 21,095.31 crore. The physical work progress is reported at 75.78%. Specifically, earthwork is 87.84% complete, concrete work 82.69%, lining work 83.98%, steel work 84.87%, and structures work 57.22% complete.
The Main Dam Package is 73.58% complete, connectivity works are at 61.55%, and the Right Main Canal is 92.75% finished. However, Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement (LA, R&R) work has lagged, with only 22.55% completed. Overall, the project’s combined physical and R&R progress is reported at 50%.
During the YSRCP regime, minimal progress was made, with officials reporting only 5 to 6% of physical work completed. The previous government has been accused of only undertaking sand filling in the washed diaphragm wall.

Funding and reimbursements
The Government of India (GOI) has reimbursed Rs. 15,146.28 crore as eligible expenditure since the project was declared a National Project. Before this, the state government had incurred expenses amounting to Rs. 4,730.71 crore. Currently, Rs. 521.62 crore is yet to be reimbursed by the Central Government. For the implementation of LA, R&R in Phase 1, around Rs. 7,907 crore is required. So far, Rs. 5,593 crore has been released, with an additional Rs. 2,314 crore still needed.
Due to the project, 20,946 families have been displaced. Of these, 12,797 families have been resettled, with 8,149 still awaiting relocation. Out of 75 required R&R Colonies, 26 have been completed, while 49 are still under construction.
CM Chandrababu Naidu’s upcoming visit on June 17 will be his 30th inspection of the Polavaram Irrigation Project. During his previous tenure, he visited the site 29 times. In contrast, former CM YS Jagan visited the project only four to five times, with WRD ministers Anil Kumar Yadav and Ambati Rambabu visiting five to six times each. Former minister Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao also visited the project numerous times.
Recently, CM Naidu held a review meeting with WRD officials, instructing them to prepare a preliminary progress report by June 17, with a detailed report to follow.
Authorities are currently

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