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PNS | Hyderabad

The Telangana government wrote a letter to KRMB requesting it to restrain AP from executing the Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme without obtaining environmental clearance and violating NGT orders.

“We request to take effective steps to stop this illegal activity by the Government of AP and protect the legitimate claims of the people of Telangana on Krishna waters,” ENC Muralidhar wrote in his letter to the KRMB chairman.
The Telangana government pointed out that the AP government has issued orders to execute the Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme Phase-I to supply drinking water to the Rayalaseema region and the Chennai water supply scheme between June and July by installing six pumps of 2,913 cusecs each, that is, 17,500 cusecs from the Srisailam Reservoir.
AP is proposing to divert 59 TMC water to meet the requirements of 15 TMC for Chennai water supply, 8.6 TMC for Rayalaseema’s drinking water needs and 35.23 TMC to supply the Chennai Water Supply Scheme’s Veligodu Reservoir (9.5 TMC) on TGP canal, Somasila Reservoir (17.33 TMC) and the Kandaleru Reservoir (8.4 TMC).
The proposed RLIS which is intended to cater to the needs of places outside the basin goes against the KWDT-I Award. Chief Engineer C. Muralidhar in his letter to the KRMB chairman informed that vide NGT Order dated 17.12.2021 Andhra Pradesh was restrained from proceeding with the construction of works connected to G.O.Rt.No.203 without obtaining Pre-Environmental Clearance.
Telangana said that in total disregard of the NGT order, now the AP government is proceeding with the work. Further, it is relevant to note that Andhra Pradesh is permitted to divert only 1500 c/s from the Srisailam Reservoir for the Chennai Water Supply Scheme as per the 1976 & 1977 Interstate agreements. But in breach of the agreements of 1976 & 1977, the canal capacity was enhanced to 11,150 cusecs and later increased to 44,000 cusecs and now to over 80,000 cusecs by Andhra Pradesh. All these issues are pending before KWDT-II and do not have any clearance from the CWC.
Telangana said that Andhra Pradesh is proceeding with an intention to achieve a fait accompli against the plea of Telangana opposing the diversion of Krishna waters to places outside the basin by depriving in-basin places after ignoring court orders and tribunal stipulations.
The AP government has launched the tender process of projects connected to G.O.Rt.No.388, dated 15-07-2020 which are interconnected with GO: 203.There are several such enhancements/new components connected to GO: 203 taken up by AP and Telangana has requested the KRMB to restrain AP from taking up such projects.
It is already informed that the Andhra Pradesh government has taken up the lining project of the Srisailam Right Main Canal (SRMC) from PRP HR, which is part of GO: 203, dated 05.05.2020. This shows that Andhra Pradesh is proceeding with an intention to complete GO: 203 works briskly.
If this scheme which violates NGT orders and is contrary to the 1976 and 1977 inter-State agreements and its related works are executed, it will have a catastrophic effect on Telangana’s projects, the letter said.
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