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QUDA to give facelift to three more heritage structures

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The Quli Qutub Shah Development Authority (QUDA) has decided to give a facelift to heritage structures Murgi Chowk, Miralam Mandi and Sardar Mahal to beautify the historic Charminar and its surrounding regions. It may be recalled that the QUDA already took measures for the beautification of Mozamzahi Market, Clock Tower and steps well in Bansilalpet.

The then Prime Minister in the erstwhile Nizam’s regime – Mir Alam Yar Jang – started Mir Alam Mandi in 1805 to meet the vegetable needs of the people of the city. Billed as the first-ever market in the city, the Mandi is in a pitiable condition. To modernise the market, the government allocated Rs 16. 45 crore. The market would be divided into three phases for development.

Sardar Mahal was a historic structure built in 1900 according to European artistic style. The GHMC has allocated special funds to restore the past glory of the structure and would soon entrust the work to the QUDA. The department of Municipal Administration has decided to house a cultural centre in the structure after renovation. The GHMC earmarked Rs 30 crore for the purpose. The 125-year-old Murgi Chowk was started during the regime of sixth Nizam Mahabub Ali. The market is developed here for the sale of chicken as well as meat. Over the period of time, the plaster on the walls of the ancient structure is peeling off and the tin roof got damaged.

The QUDA prepared an action plan to give facelift to the market with Rs 36 crore. It has plans to provide market in the ground floor and to set up a restaurant on the top floor. The market here has been shifted to the nearby grounds. It targeted to complete the renovation in 18 months. QUDA Administrator Badawat Santosh said that first renovation works of Murgi Chowk have been launched and Mir Alam Mandi and Sardar Mahal works would also be grounded soon. He said that the QUDA has been implementing special measures to safeguard the historic and heritage structures.

QUDA Secretary and Chief Engineer G Guru Veera has maintained that the Murgi Chowk Mark renovation works have been kicked off. Works have been allotted by calling for bids. The contractor has been asked to complete the works before the deadline.

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