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Raghava Lawrence: I want to make the movie ‘Jigar Thanda Double X’ a big hit

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High action drama ‘Jigar Thanda Double X’ starring Raghava Lawrence and SJ Surya in lead roles is going to release on Diwali. The film is produced by Karthikeyan under the banner of Stone Bench Films under the direction of versatile director Karthik Subbaraj. The makers are releasing this movie in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi languages. On Tuesday, the song ‘Korameesam’ from this film was released in Hyderabad.

Producer Karthikeyan speaking at the event said, “I am happy to produce Double X with Jigar. It is a very good movie. We are making this film with a huge budget of one hundred crores. This movie is like a festival. That’s why we are releasing this movie on Diwali. Everyone should watch our film and bless it.”

SJ Surya, who plays one of the lead roles said that Jigar Tanda Double X is very special to him. “The first part was a complete success. The film proved what Karthik Subbaraj is all about. Now that Lawrence is doing it, it has become a Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi film. There was a tussle between the gangster and the filmmaker. They went further with the same concept and wrote this story. The 70s were taken as the backdrop. Like Mani Ratnam’s movies, Karthik Subbaraj’s projects impress everyone. They also bring awards.

Karthik Subbaraj has a unique style in extracting performances from actors. Did we act? They get acting that makes them wonder. Thiru, the cameraman, did a great job. Mahesh Babu released this teaser for us. Special thanks to him. Mark Antony became a big hit in Tamil. It was a regular hit here. He said, “Ma Jigar Thanda Double X is a big hit in Tamil… I want it to be a big hit here too.”

“I don’t talk much about the film,” said Raghava Lawrence. “This is a director’s film. All roles have importance. If there is content now, the movie is playing brilliantly. We think a lot before going to the sets, but Karthik Subbaraju’s version is different. You have to do as he says. He is very strict in everything. It feels like torture. If you think that he will make a Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi film, it seems like he made an English film. In other movies, however, they used make-up. But no makeup was used for this film.

But after seeing it on the screen, I believed in myself. I got the confidence that I would look better with the colour given by my mother. Our producer built a road and a bridge in a town for this movie. This film should play well for his good heart. Everyone should watch this movie in the theatre,” he said.

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