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Railway Ministry must understand telugu states

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‘Don’t deny youth jobs for technical reasons’

PNS n Vijayawada

Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan has regretted that the appointments of youths are pending in the Railway Technical department.

In a statement here on Wednesday he said that it is unfortunate to announce that the appointments are pending for youth in the Railway Technical department though they have all eligibility even after completing all concerned exams.

“The youth are in depression after the announcement that the recruitment of about 400 young people from Telugu States taken up this year as per the job notification issued in 2019 was pending. They announced earlier that the candidates have to get eligibility from Railway Course Completed Act Apprentice (CCAA) by the time of issuing the job notification for the concerned employment,” Pawan Kalyan stated. Though they completed the course, the Ministry of Skill Development did not conduct the exams within the scheduled period, he charged, adding that despite that they have been permitted to go for the written test.

“The concerned youth are in deep concern now since the appointment was kept pending just for one technical reason; they did not have a certificate by the time the job recruitment notice was served though they had all eligibility at the time of appointment. These youth brought their plight to my notice. Hence, the Railway Ministry has to understand their mental agony and respond positively,” he said, stating that the eligible persons have to be given job opportunities.

“ I suggest that the Railway officials have to consider the examples where the railway zonal officers in other states which have similar issues have cleared the appointments after thoroughly observing all the issues. The State governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have to discuss with the Railway Ministry to find a solution to this issue,” Pawan Kalyan advised.

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