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Raj Bhavan and Nampally are two offices of BJP: Jagadish

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PNS | Hyderabad

The Governor is speaking like a BJP activist, Energy Minister Jagdish Reddy said. “The first office of the BJP is at Nampally but the second office is at Raj Bhavan,” he said speaking to the media on Monday.

“As long as KCR is there despite the Centre conspiring to deny electricity in the state there will be no problems in electricity supply. There is no problem with the electricity supply in Yasangi. We will supply as per demand,” Jagadish said.

Appointment documents were handed over to around 250 engineers of SPDCL. “Our power companies are the largest and the most successful in India. Even if there is a demand for 5,600 MW a day electricity will be supplied without cuts. Today Telangana is the only state that supplies quality electricity in spite of a demand for 14,000 MW. Telangana is also the state that provides 24-hour free electricity to farmers. We have set up twenty-three 400 KV substations. We have set up a power circuit around Hyderabad so that the power does not go out even for a minute. Lakhs of km of lines have been drawn,” he said.

“We will withstand all attacks of the neighbouring state and the Centre. In Gujarat, they have power holidays. They are not able to supply electricity because they do not know how to use resources,” he said.He said that many obstacles will be created to prevent Telangana from developing. “KCR cannot be separated from the people of Telangana,” Jagadish said.

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