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Rajgopal invites Harish into Cong, offers Cabinet post

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The Congress party will induct former minister and BRS MLA into the party and make him Endowments Minister T Harish Rao if he is willing to switch the party, said Congress MLA from Munugode Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy here on Monday.
Rajgopal Reddy set a condition to the offer made to the former minister by saying that Harish Rao would be inducted into the Cabinet as Endowments Minister only if he brought 25 MLAs along with him.
In a chit-chat with the scribes in the Assembly lobbies on Monday, Rajagopal Reddy said that “former Minister T Harish Rao is a right person in a wrong party’. There is no point in Harish Rao continuing in the BRS party and Congress will accept Harish Rao if he is interested in joining the party.”
Rajagopal Reddy said, “We do not belong to the ‘Jee Hujur’ batch like Harish Rao and Kadiam Srihari. We will not run for positions. We are doing politics for the sake of people. We have a history of quitting the positions during the Telangana movement. The BRS party has to stop doing cheap politics. The BRS party is trying to split the Congress party. The BRS party had previously denied the opposition status to the Congress party in the Assembly. KCR destroyed the State. The responsibility of protecting Telangana has fallen on us. There is no chance of people attending the BRS public meeting to be held in Nalgonda on Tuesday. The public meeting will become an utter flop. KTR has to run the party if he has the guts. We are inviting Harish Rao to join the Congress party.”

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