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Rajya Sabha: Cong seeks action on ‘political sloganeering’ from visitor’s gallery

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Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Sunday wrote to Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar demanding urgent action over the incident of “political sloganeeirng” by a group of people sitting in the visitor’s gallery of the Upper House on September 21, sources said.

Ramesh, who is the Congress’ chief whip in the Rajya Sabha, expressed “grave concern” and “deep disappointment” regarding the “shocking incident” in the Upper House on September 21 during the just-concluded special session.

A group of people sitting in the visitor’s gallery was heard sloganeering and creating a ruckus in the precincts of the House, Ramesh said in his letter, according to sources.

The incident not only caused a commotion but also raised serious questions about the enforcement of rules and regulations within the House, the Congress general secretary said.

Ramesh said that despite the Rajya Sabha’s stringent security measures and the diligence of its marshals, a group of people was able to indulge in political sloganeering.

This incident occurred in clear violation of Rule 264, which explicitly outlines the conduct expected of individuals in the Visitor’s Gallery during parliamentary sessions, Ramesh was quoted as saying in the letter by sources.

Rule 264 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Rajya Sabha lays out the regulations for visitors, he noted.

The fact that over 50 visitors were able to raise slogans is a matter of “grave concern”, Ramesh said in his communication to Dhankhar.

In response to this serious breach, members from the opposition parties walked out in protest, he said.

“It is imperative that the incident be thoroughly investigated to identify how such a breach of security and decorum was possible within the confines of the Rajya Sabha,” he said.

The individuals responsible for the disruption must be held accountable for their actions. Any MP found to be involved in facilitating this incident should also face appropriate consequences, Ramesh said in the letter.

The Congress leader urged the Rajya Sabha Chairman to take immediate and stringent action to address this matter.

“We must do everything to protect the sanctity of Parliament,” he said.


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