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Ram Charan celebrates first Father’s Day

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Actor Ram Charan, alongside his wife Upasana Kamineni Konidela, welcomed their daughter Klin Kaara into the world in June 2023. As she approaches her first birthday, Ram Charan reflects on his newfound role as a father, expressing a deep bond with his daughter.
On his first Father’s Day, Ram Charan opened up about the profound impact Klin Kaara has had on his life. “My world now revolves around my little princess,” he shares affectionately. “Since she started interacting and recognising people, I feel a pang when I’m away from her. It’s like I’m missing out on something special.”
Ram Charan admits to adjusting his work schedule around Klin Kaara’s routine, emphasising his commitment to being present in her life. “I want to cherish every moment with Klin,” he says. “After fifteen years of hard work, I prioritise being home early. Seeing her brightens my day—I find it hard to leave for work sometimes.”
Reflecting on his parenting journey, Ram Charan humorously notes his dedication to feeding Klin Kaara. “I feed her twice a day,” he shares proudly. “I’ve become quite good at it—I can get her to finish her entire bowl. It’s a superpower I seem to have!” Ram Charan underscores the importance of hands-on parenting, particularly in the formative years. “Providing a secure and nurturing environment early on is crucial,” he explains. “I take her to play school, accompany her to swimming classes, and even involve her in my readings. It’s about building a routine together.”
As he celebrates Father’s Day with cherished memories of Klin Kaara, Ram Charan radiates happiness and gratitude for the joy she has brought into his life.

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