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Rashi Singh: Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana ended up helping my career

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Actress Rashi Singh, who is all set to woo the audience with her upcoming film Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana, gets candid with The Pioneer, sharing insights about the film, her character, and more.

Under the direction of debutant filmmaker Purushottam Raj and Co., the eagerly awaited mystery crime thriller Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana, which stars Shiva Kandukuri as the lead detective, and Rashi Singh as the leading lady, we were even more thrilled to provide to you an additional exclusive interview featuring the lead actress from the soon-to-be released movie.
Rashi Singh says candidly, “I blame my rapid rise in content consumption after the pandemic on being idle! Upon observing the millions of viewers captivated by the shows or movies, I noticed that the majority came from the thriller genre. It inspired me to be the lead in a movie like this! I have a lot of creative freedom with this specific character. I had almost minimal roles in any of the movies I had been in up to this point, but Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana ended up helping my career.” Prem Kumar fame doesn’t stop there. “I am blazing brightly with my character in this movie, from the beginning to the very end. My face is completely devoid of makeup. I’m not portraying a sultry role here; instead, this movie has a really natural aesthetic.”
Before the filming started, Rashi remembered a very humorous incident: “I was listening to two scripts at the same time. Even though I wasn’t supposed to go for the audition, Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana succeeded where the last one failed. The producer just so happened to be free, and they had yet to lock their lead actress. With great assertiveness, the director warned me that Rashi shouldn’t anticipate any glamour in this movie. In fact, I replied with the same fervor, sir, adding that this is exactly what I desire at this point in my career. I had to tell him that I’m not only a beautiful face; I’m an actress.”
She elaborated on her thrilling experience in the movie, saying, “We didn’t get the impression that Purushottam Raj was directing his first Telugu movie in any scene. Even I, as an actress, lacked the ten percent clarity that belonged to my director. I’ve witnessed a lot of filmmakers adopt ideas from their assistant directors, but this particular director refused to let the producer or the actor control him. He didn’t need “extra gyaan” because he was clear in his own right. Instead, he offered me complete freedom to characterise the part however I see fit. Don’t over prepare.”
The actress mumbles, “I haven’t seen a film yet that has a touch of mythology, crime, and a murder mystery all at once,” as an insider from the movie. “And the investigating procedure is really cutting edge! Secondly, we had to depict the part in a positive light since we couldn’t have let the stakes get too high for us. We could not have created a negative narrative about mythology in any way because we are all aware of their spiritual connection to the Almighty.”
“My dream role is to play the character of Queen Padmavati—I have watched the film multiple times and still get goosebumps,” the actress said in a generic closing statement. “Nobody is more adept at portraying these roles than Deepika Padukone! It’s also difficult to learn the South Indian language when you’re from the North, where the language is scarcely known. There are still many lovely South languages that people are ignorant of. Some refer to it as Madrasi, which is a misleading phrase. That is an issue in our society! At the moment, I have erased all of my early obstacles in this field since I have overcome them all.”

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