Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Rathinirvedham will go to another level even with a re-release’

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At present, the re-release trend is going really well, as we get to see atleast one re-release of a super hit film. Now adding to the list is Rathinirvedham, that created a sensation back in 2011. The film that is based on real incidents has been released today. The film stars Shweta Menon and Sreejith Vijay in lead roles. The film directed by T.K Rajeev, is being released by C.L.N Movies Company. Shobharani said, “Rathi Nirvedham can be considered a hot genre film. But a good love novel. It was portrayed as a drama with a tender love story. Movies with emotion, drama, comedy.

In 1978, a film with the same title was released and created a sensation. Later in 2011, the same film was remade with Shweta Meenan and Srijit Vijay in the lead roles. This film became a big hit in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu as well. Currently, the re-release trend is going on and at this time, I am re-releasing the film. The entire film was shot in beautiful areas of Kerala. All the songs are situational.

There will be chemistry between the hero and heroine. I believe this film will go to another level even with a re-release. Shweta Meenan is also promoting well. Re-release business is also completed. C.El.N Movies Company releases good films. Will release another good film next month also,” he said. Shweta Meenan, Srijith Vijay played key roles in this film.

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