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RDO-rank officials for health dept

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The Telangana Government is thinking of appointing a Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO)-level official as an administrator in all districts to improve government hospitals.

“The proposal is with the government. The move will help in improving services and in the better use of the infrastructure available in government hospitals,” Health Minister Harish Rao told the Council.

Later, in the Assembly, Harish said that Chief Minister KCR is focused on education and healthcare. He said that Rs 73,000 crore was allocated for the medical sector in the last 10 years and that around Rs 12,000 crore has been allotted this year alone. The Minister was replying to a brief debate on the Health Department in the Assembly.

He said that due to the Corona pandemic, the plans were disrupted twice in five years. He said the government is moving forward with a separate plan for education and healthcare.

It was revealed that in 2013-14, the Congress government allocated only Rs 2706 crore for the health department. But we have allocated Rs 12,364 crore in this year’s budget, Harish said.

He said that diseases like malaria and dengue are not so serious now as in the past and that sanitation has improved due to rural and urban development and that the government is providing treatment from the primary stage through palle dawakhanas and basti dawakhanas.

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