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State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay challenges CM KCR

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar said that a wicket has fallen in the KCR government with the departure of former CS Somesh Kumar to Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking at a meeting held in Kollapur, Sanjay fired at the former Chief Secretary and demanded an inquiry into all the decisions taken by Somesh.

He said that the sufferings of the people of Telangana will not go simply disappear and that there are many charges against Somesh of committing corruption and illegalities.

Addressing the public meeting at Kollapur on Thursday, Sanjay demanded an investigation into the decisions taken by the former CS and to register criminal cases against him.

Sanjay accused KCR of not providing funds for the development of gram panchayats since eight years.

Sanjay drew flak and was branded a thief who stole the funds of sarpanches. He was angry that Central funds were being diverted by the state government. He challenged KCR to discuss development issues with him. He said that the Centre, which gave 2,40,000 houses to the state, is also ready to give funds.

KCR, who did not give double-bedroom houses to the poor, built the 100-room Pragati Bhavan for himself.

Sanjay said that KCR will come close to the people only when elections come and that the BJP’s fight is for the kingdom of the poor. He said that if the BJP government comes, all public problems will be solved.

He said that KCR is consuming liquor as he cannot bear the tension of seeing BJP workers. He said that people were cheated by voting for the BRS twice and advised people not to get cheated again by KCR.

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