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Record 416.10 MW power generated on single day

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PNS | Vijayawada

APGENCO Managing Director KVN Chakradhar Babu has said that the hydropower projects on the Seeleru basin set a new record by generating 416.1 MW (9.9855 million units) of electricity in a single day on July 24 (Tuesday).

This marks the highest daily electricity production in the last 10 years. The Seeleru basin houses four major projects, with the 120 MW hydel power project on Machkhand river being jointly owned by Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation (APGENCO) and Odisha Hydel Power Corporation (OHPC). Additionally, APGENCO manages the Upper Seeleru (240 MW), Lower Seeleru (460 MW), and Donkarai Canal Power House (25 MW) hydropower projects.

The Machkhand Hydropower Station, a collaborative effort between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha governments, holds the distinction of being the oldest hydroelectric power plant, commencing its operations between 1955 and 1959. For an impressive 68 years, this station has been consistently generating electricity, as have all the other hydropower projects in the Seeleru basin, ranging from 40 to 68 years of operation. However, on July 24, these projects achieved an unparalleled feat by recording the highest production (416.1 MW) in a single day in the past decade. The specific power generation figures for each project on that day were as follows: Lower Seeleru produced 202.60 MW (4.865 million units), Machkhand produced 118.5 MW (2.843 million units), Upper Seeleru produced 87.5 MW (2.1 million units), and Donkarai produced 7.4 MW (0.1775 million units).

KVN Chakradhar Babu extended his heartfelt congratulations to the dedicated staff involved in the Sileru Basin projects for achieving this remarkable milestone in power generation. He acknowledged that the attainment of the highest daily production in a decade became possible through the relentless efforts of the staff, who worked diligently to repair two units in Machkhand that had been dormant for two years due to equipment damage, thereby restoring their production capacity.

The Managing Director also expressed his gratitude for the support provided by Special Chief Secretary of Energy Department, Vijayanand, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, and Minister for Energy, Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy.

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