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Red Bull Soapbox Race Returns To India After 8 Years – To Take Place in Hyderabad

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The internationally acclaimed Red Bull Soapbox Race is set to be hosted in India for the third time in March 2024. Get ready to witness an adrenaline-fueled spectacle that combines speed, creativity, and a whole lot of fun. Red Bull Soapbox Race, born in 2000 in Brussels, Belgium, has been organised in more than 52 countries, 95 cities (138 events), with over 4.5mn spectators including countries like Spain, Italy, UK, USA, France, and Germany among others. Since 2000, the Soapbox race has featured multitudinous variations of creativity, such as The Joker, Donald Trump, Le Mans, and food delivery.

Scheduled to take place on March 3, 2024 at Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad, Hyderabad from 10 am onwards, the third edition promises to be even bigger and better than before. A little bit of humour and a lot of innovation will shine through in the Red Bull Soapbox Race. A wide range of participants will design and build their own non-motorized soapbox vehicles.

The event promises a day filled with laughter, high-octane action, and the sheer joy of creativity on wheels. This year, it is time for Hyderabad to witness this next level. The previous editions of Red Bull Soapbox Race in 2012 and 2016, both held in Mumbai, witnessed some creative vehicles that gained tremendous acknowledgment from the crowd.

Applications to participate in the Red Bull Soapbox Race is now open. Red Bull Soapbox Race challenges the most fearless, fun-loving and foolhardy teams to prototype and create the wackiest of rides. Up for it? Then prepare to propel your car to the finish line and hope gravity is on your side. Welcome to the pinnacle of non-motor-racing!

The only requirement to participate in a Red Bull Soapbox Race is to have a wacky, crazy, out of this world imagination and a will to incorporate those ideas into a soapbox car. Like all other Races, the teams should ensure that they follow three important rules. 1. The brakes need to be fully functioning along with steering. 2. The creativity to build a soapbox cart is essential that transcends to its teams as well. 3. Fastest one to finish the race in the vehicle is going to be looked upon as favourable for winning the race.

You think that you‘ve got what it takes to burn your mark into the history books by barrelling towards the finish line in your own homemade soapbox car? The following four steps will help you make it to the starting grid in the craziest cavalcade on four (or more) wheels.

Are you ready to prove your creative talent and completely re-define the rules of street racing? Then simply click on the link below and start the application process. Application Link

Your design is unique enough to earn a place at the event and you know how to impress the judges with your theme, fancy dress and on-stage performance? Then simply pop the upload link at the end of the application process and share a sketch of your unique concept.

The craziest hot-rod racers in the country will earn their place within the starting grid and receive a participation kit.

After receiving your exclusive Red Bull Soapbox Race driver’s license together with your participation kit, it is time to start taking your design from blueprint to reality.

To be part of the world of innovation, creativity, and loads of fun competition, register here
Registration Link –


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