Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Regional parties now family parties’

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PNS | Hyderabad

BJP president JP Nadda said that regional parties have been transforming into family-based parties and that the BRS is one of them. He said that the Congress ignored regional aspirations in the past resulting in the evolution of regional parties in all states. The TRS (which is now the BRS) came into being in the same manner.

National interests have been ignored for a long time. Regional parties care only for their own interests. These regional parties gradually transformed into family-based parties, Nadda said.
He said that all regional parties in the nation are family parties and that SP, the RJD, the TMC, the JMM, the BRS and the Congress are family parties. He said that people would see the end of KCR’s family rule in Telangana in the coming elections.“BRS is a family party. “BRS is a family party. I am giving one message to KCR… all these will end after the next elections,” Nadda said, making it clear that the BJP is the only national party in India.
He said that Congress, which failed to develop Telangana, although it ruled it for several decades, is fast becoming a regional party and that some regional parties are growing to become national parties.

Nadda said that KCR fears the blossoming of the Lotus in Telangana.

Addressing the BJP’s Telangana State Council meeting on Friday at Ghatkesar, Nadda said that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s rule in Telangana reminded one of Razakar rule. He said that it is certain that the BRS family rule will end after the coming elections.

Refuting the allegations of the BRS that the Modi government is not allocating funds for the development of Telangana, Nadda detailed the funds allocated to Telangana with figures. He said that the Centre allocated Rs 9 lakh crore to Telangana in the last nine years and sanctioned the Tribal University and the National Turmeric Board to Telangana.

He said that the BRS was blocking the implementation of several schemes introduced by Modi. KCR failed to implement the assurances given to the Telangana people. BRS leaders, who failed to provide even a single-bedroom house assured people that they would give double-bedroom houses, he pointed out.

He termed the BRS as Brashtachar Risthedar Samithi and said that the BJP has to win in Telangana. He asked people to bring the BJP to power at the Centre once again. BJP activists have to explain to the people about the development brought out by Modi in Telangana.

He called upon BJP activists to go to every house and explain to them that the BJP is the only party that strives for the development of the nation.

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