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Reintroducing cast iron cookery to the modern kitchen

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With the aim of embracing a sustainable lifestyle, we bring to you Aarogyam, which aims to enhance your cooking experience while promoting your well-being.

Rashmi Bhumireddy
Following the pandemic, most people are returning to their traditional origins to reinstate science and old methods of life in a world of advanced modern technology. Ruchika Ruthi, the founder of Aarogyam, has restored cast iron cooking to the modern kitchen, drawing inspiration from an ancient lifestyle.
Though hailing from Rajasthan, Ruchika was brought up in Hyderabad. The cast iron business is not something new, because her father had run it back in 1991. “Apart from cast iron, we are also into the solar business,” she shares as The Pioneer interacts with her. “I studied in Hyderabad for my engineering, i.e., electronics and communication. I never imagined that my family business would become my backup and gain fame because of my products.”
The fact that our ancestors lived their lives well and healthy without any technology has certainly been quite surprising. And undeniably, post-pandemic, people have been very concerned about their health, tracing their steps back to past habits. Well, and so, this was the inspiration behind the launch of Aarogyam, which mainly caters to cast iron cookery.
“I believe that cooking is more than just making food. It’s a way to nurture our bodies, connect with loved ones, and live a more sustainable existence. “In India alone we have more than 10 million cases of iron deficiency anemia every year and the prevalence of anemia in South Asia is the highest in the world.Women often feel tired because of reasons they aren’t able to figure out – the leading cause of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is most commonly found in pregnant women, ladies, kids and children. Our products are naturally non-stick, contain no dangerous chemicals, will endure for generations, and are engineered to uniformly disperse heat, guaranteeing that your food is cooked to perfection,” she added.
The pandemic has become a game changer for her by raising health consciousness among people. “People are ready to switch from aluminum or Teflon-coated cookware to cast iron cookware despite its weight and costly prices. They are well aware of the negative effects of cooking on aluminum-coated or Teflon-coated cookware. Also, I have witnessed the majority of families using cast iron cookware, which was passed down via generations.”
Having not faced many challenges in her entrepreneurial journey except for the weight of her products, she shares that they also manufacture and sell industrial products, showcases, and grills made out of cast iron. Recently, she also added cast iron furniture, which is useful in farmhouses.
“WE Hub aided me in networking and making connections. It also allowed me to gain some exposure in share recruitment. My future goal is to make Aarogyam a household name and the synonym for cast iron cookery,” she shares on a concluding note.

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