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Rent, wear and repeat

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Have you not seen people so fond of posting their outfits of the day on their social media accounts? This has become a time when you are in a constant state of panic because you have nothing to wear or you have a closet full of clothes you can’t wear. Most importantly, shopping for clothes when you need to attend an event can be stressful! We have found a rescuer for all you Hyderabadis — Flyrobe, that’s leading from the front in rental fashion in our own town. The founder Aanchal made us comprehend how renting is the way to go!

To substitute this, let’s hear it from the prime mover operating from the city of pearls, “I had personally seen this — women getting mocked on repeating outfits. Especially, when you rent a dress for a wedding, for example, you could get two kinds for lesser bucks. These are the ideas behind a rental platform because it’s a cost-effective way of choosing clothes for special occasions. Gone are the days, when women used to wear their own bridal lehengas to weddings. Nobody does that now, they are saving themselves from impulsive buying! Moreover, trends continue to change every day. It gets difficult to keep up with it! Now with rental platforms, we are breaking barriers in society because somewhere down the lane still many middle-class families are not convinced from renting clothes. The awareness begins from a thin line — oh hey, there is an option available for you. That’s how we strategise! Next, we had to make people experience luxury at the same time so that nobody looks down upon them even if it’s a rented outfit. So, we entered into designer wear!”

Highlighting her commitment to sustainability and also the positive impact she is creating, we understood it’s not always necessary to go for outrageous expensive outfits. Renting, on the other hand, will let you experience top brands! At a minimal price, you will be able to afford designer clothes for all your events. Isn’t that wonderful? She continued, “Hyderabad city already had many rental stores. But we’ll get you your dream designer wear for the wedding and just save money. What’s more viable, think about it. Traditionally, Banarasi silk sarees and Kanjivaram is more popular down south. The tastes and palettes still haven’t changed here in comparison to the northern belt, which is working in my favour. I am amazed to see how people are so much aware of color trends! People are aware of what an actress is wearing and they’ll easily find it in rental platforms like ours.”

So, think of renting clothes as borrowing from a friend. Moreover, “Eight years in the business has made me realise how aspirational are my customers. They really want to save money! Millennials are looking at it as a style theory: without any long commitments, they are able to try new trends with the help of such platforms. The logic isn’t that this class cannot afford it, they very well can but the intellect asks them to test-drive fashion! I remember sitting at the store, overhearing conversations like why buy such an expensive lehenga? Instead, deposit the remaining penny for an FD. That’s how rental platforms barged in, without stressing and blowing your own trumpet now we can go ahead with this alternative of purchasing faster, and disposable fashion also comes into play.”

What we recognised when in conversation with the founder of a rental outfit platform was — the millennials, especially are definitely growing conscious of what they wear and where their clothes are coming from. So such kinds of rental platforms are creating a wave of change for us, we know the who’s who of the luxury world and we don’t want to go heavy on the pockets. Do you? If not, embrace rental gracefully and show some sensitivity towards climate action at the same time.

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