Thursday, November 30, 2023

Renu Desai confirms her second marriage

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Renu Desai has made headlines not just for her role in Ravi Teja’s latest film, Tiger Nageswara Rao, but also for her candid discussions about her personal life in most recent interviews. As the film gears up for release on October 20, Renu Desai has been actively promoting it and sharing insights into her life.

Renu Desai, a loving mother of two teenage children, a son and a daughter, has revealed her intention to remarry. She candidly mentioned that she plans to tie the knot within the next two years. Previously, reports suggested that she was considering marrying a businessman from Pune. The actress even got engaged to him, and she also shared the picture on social media. However, she backed out only to care for her children until they reached age. In addition to her personal life, Renu Desai expressed her aspirations to continue her career in acting.

Her son, Akira, is pursuing a music program, while her daughter, Aadya, is a high school student in Hyderabad.

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