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‘Restoration work in the city is making it look even more vibrant’

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Certified yoga and wellness coach Rina Hindocha, who has made a mark for herself in the city, gets candid with The Pioneer for our special weekly column of Hyderabond, sharing her association with the city, her professional career in the city, and more.
Rina Hindocha, a yoga and wellness coach, moved to a new place like any other newlywed bride to lead a happy life with her spouse here. She moved from Kolkata, which could have been more painful if not for Hyderabad’s favorable reception. She started a new life with a new person in a new city, and here she is with us for our special weekly column, sharing all the deets!
Adapting to the new place, she recalled, “My association with the city has crossed almost twenty years now—I set up a family of my own and a career for myself here. I am in awe of its evolution since then. I can see so many restoration works going on everywhere in the city that make it look even more vibrant. I do miss my ‘puchkas’ but it’s okay.” A new environment, indeed.
Hence, “I teach yoga here by conducting workshops and corporate sessions at esteemed places like Yashoda Hospitals, Microsoft, T-Hub, Westin, and many more. The way I see heritage enthusiasts across the city enlivens me even more.”
People could have had the hardest experience here; nevertheless, it wasn’t the case for Rina because, as she shares, “it’s a bustling metropolis now. But what I really like is the way it’s seamlessly blending its rich historical heritage with its fast-paced modernity. There is enthusiastic participation in all the wellness initiatives held across the city! There are communities that are desperately wanting to empower Telangana as a whole. And of course, for those in love with all things historical, Hyderabad is a fascinating city that’s marked by dynasties, empires, and cultural exchanges.”
Adjusting to a new life in the princely state but drawing comparisons, we heard her saying, “Kolkata is nostalgia for me. The street life is the most vibrant there. But in general, Hyderabadi people are very friendly and hospitable. As a matter of fact, generosity is the other name of the Hyderabadis. They take immense pleasure and pride in conversing in their local, characteristic, and vibrant Hyderabadi language, which makes it stand out from other cities.”
Uncloaking her fondest memories in the city, which she now deeply calls home, she shared, “Post my engagement, my husband brought me here for a city tour, and I was mesmerized watching the world’s biggest film city. I got to see movie sets, which were so enchanting! Then it has been pivotal in nurturing my career as a yoga instructor. The city’s dynamic population has been incredibly receptive to holistic wellness practices, fostering a strong demand for yoga and mindfulness.”
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