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Revelation: ‘Sunflower 2 planted the seeds for my first stand-up comedy show’

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The unstoppable star Ashish Vidyarthi, who has once again proved his skills with the super hit series Sunflower Season 2, gets candid with The Pioneer, discussing his character, the subjectivity of comedy, and more.
Did you know that Ashish Vidyarthi is a hardcore foodie in addition to being a fantastic actor? His YouTube channel, Ashish Vidyarthi Actor Vlogs, is where you may find him. He frequently posts videos of himself experimenting with cuisine from around the globe. The actor has experienced everything, from eating hot mutton saoji dishes to eating fresh honeycomb.
He is unstoppable! We have noticed that, whenever he lands a great part in a film or, more recently, a show, his soul-searching seems to come to an end. Consider the recent success of Sunflower Season 2, a massive hit series that is currently streaming on Zee 5. Once more, he played his part perfectly!
The seasoned actor starts out by saying, “My character in this season is supposed to follow rules,” in an exclusive conversation with us. “Furthermore, I find these folks to be really conventional. In actual life, I’m unable to tolerate them! It’s interesting to observe how, despite the overwhelming push to conform to social norms, people lose sight of their own lives, which is heartbreaking. Hence, while in season one we only saw my character holding individuals accountable for their miscommunications, the sequel gave me the freedom to delve deeper. This season, he has given his character more dignity.”
Further into the interview, he states, “A lot of people have approached me and stated that we have met a guy like him in our real lives as well. Despite the fact that this was a creative character, I was really impressed with how the writers transformed the sequences into a humorous moment. The irony of life is that, despite everyone’s best efforts to appear serious, most of the circumstances are hilarious. All you have to do is glance the other way around!”
Taking our cue from his earlier response, we ask further questions on the subjectivity of comedy. The national award winner reveals all: “In the series, my character deliberately doesn’t do any comedy. I have portrayed a variety of evil characters in my career. I already know how my audience will respond! Sunflower 2 planted the seeds for my first stand-up comedy show, which is currently under development. I kept asking myself why I hadn’t attempted comedy yet.”
The recently converted YouTuber even continues, saying, “Working together to include Adah Sharma in the follow-up was a really pleasant experience. The main cast, in my opinion, had an extreme talent hunger! Throughout this season’s filming, a lot of our encounters with them jumped out. Familiar faces were present. And I’m incredibly grateful for the creative freedom I’ve been granted!”
With almost 300 films, Vidhyarthi has worked in 11 different languages. He was forced to say, “I can’t work under pressure to succeed. For me, each day is a fresh one. Between when I made my debut and now, freedom is on the horizon. People have been set free by the emergence of OTT, and I suddenly feel liberated in this field. I was around when just feature films were prioritised, but things have changed and there are now more options.”
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