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Review: Dayaa: A perfectly executed crime drama to get off your weekly hues

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K. Ramya Sree

Cast: JD Chakravarthy, Ramya Nambessan, Eesha Rebba, Josh Ravi, Vishnu Priyaa, Babloo Prithiveeraj, Kamal Kamaraju, Nanda Gopal, Gayathri Gupta & others
Director: Pavan Sadineni
Producers: Shrikant Mohta, Mahendra Soni
Music: Shravan Bharadwaj
Cinematographer: Vivek KalepuEditor: V
iplav Nyshadam

Dayaa (played by JD Chakravarthy) drives a freezer van that transports seafood. During one of the trips, he realises there is a dead body in his van’s freezer, which brings him tension, as it is the dead body of popular journalist Kavita’s (played by Nambishan Ramya). His wife Alivelu, who is portrayed by Esha Rebba, is expecting a child and is about to give birth. What Dayaa does now in order to get out of this mess is the remaining story.

JD Chakravarthy delivers a great performance. His action increases additional interest among the viewers. He excelled everyone with his acting as his character has many layers and did it all with extreme ease. One can’t help but praise the actor for his work in the show.

Ramya, on the other hand, has a strong character as a well-known journalist, and she did well in her role, making an impression.

Eesha Rebba maintained her composure throughout the season, saving more of her role for the second season, although Vishnu Priya and other actors gave powerful performances.

This show’s biggest liability is its actors, who were all excellent in their respective roles. They all exhibited their personas.

We need to talk about the show’s writing first and foremost. The viewer won’t sense that the filmmaker or writer lost their balance anywhere. It’s extremely astounding how everything, from character design to the plot, has its place and its significance. Thanks to the storyline and directing, you’re left wondering what will happen next for the entire eight episodes. We especially applaud the ending for maintaining that level of intrigue.

JD also ups the suspense element with her performance. You’ll be on the edge of your seat during the show’s second half.

Both the music and the cinematography give the programme additional dimension. It is excellent and solid, which increases its interest.

The editing was precise, however, in the first half, it lags a bit, while in the second half, it raises more curiosity.

Overall, Dayaa is an excellently crafted crime drama. We can say it is one of the most well-made crime thrillers in recent times.

Rating: 3/5

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