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Review- “RajuGari KodiPulao- A Thrilling Journey into Suspense and Intrigue!

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Movie: RajuGari KodiPulao
Starring: ETV Prabhakar, Shiva Kona, Kunal Kaushal, Neha Deshpandey, Prachi Thaker, Abhilash Bandari, Ramya Dinesh, etc.

Banner: AMF, Kona Cinema
Producers: Anil Moduga, Shiva Kona
Director: Shiva Kona
Music: Pravin Mani – Sashank Tirupathi
Cinematography: Pavan Guntuku
Editors: Basava, Shiva Kona
Sound Design: G. Purushottam Raju
VFX: Vishnu Poluju
Sound Mixing: A Raj Kumar
Writing Collaboration, Executive Producer: Ravi Sandrana
PRO: Harish, Dinesh
Release: 04-08-2023

Review- “RajuGari KodiPulao: A Thrilling Journey into Suspense and Intrigue!


Rajugari Kodipulao, a highly anticipated film directed by the multi-talented Shiva Kona and jointly produced by Anil Moduga and Shiva Kona, hits theatres with a bang. This suspenseful movie boasts a stellar cast, featuring ETV Prabhakar, Neha Desh Pandey, Kunal Kaushal, Prachi Thaker, Ramya Desh Pandey, Abhilash Bandari, and others, delivering captivating performances. With its intriguing promotional videos and trailer, RajuGari KodiPulao has piqued the audience’s curiosity, making it a must-watch movie.


The film revolves around Rajugaru, who runs a famous hotel named Rajugari Kodipulao. Despite his success, he struggles with personal challenges, including the absence of a son and communication issues with his wife.As events unfold, a group of friends sets out on a road trip, leading to unforeseen circumstances in a mysterious forest.

With unexpected twists and shocking revelations, the narrative takes the audience on an edge-of-the-seat journey, unravelling the truth behind the enigmatic characters and serial murders.


RajuGari KodiPulao opens with an engaging portrayal of the iconic hotel and quickly delves into the dynamics of the central characters. The first half masterfully introduces the group of friends, creating a carefree atmosphere that suddenly transforms into tension as they enter the eerie forest.

The movie seamlessly shifts between humour and suspense, keeping the audience engaged throughout. Notably, the unexpected demise of a character raises the stakes, leading to a series of captivating twists in the second half. The impressive flashback sequences and thrilling experiences culminate in a satisfying climax.

The Stellar Cast:

Shiva Kona deserves immense praise for his impressive work as an actor, director, and producer. Playing the character of Danny, he commands the screen with finesse, delivering a captivating performance filled with shades of intrigue and humour. Prachi Thaker’s as Candy, mature portrayal and memorable climax act leave a lasting impact, while Kunal Kaushal’s (Badri) handsome presence and decent acting further enhance the film’s appeal.

Neha Desh Pandey shines as Akanksha, portraying a multi-dimensional character with utmost conviction. Abhilash Bandari impresses as the cunning Farukh, showcasing a versatile range of emotions. Ramya Dinesh adds humour with her lively character, adding to the film’s charm. ETV Prabhakar’s impactful performance in the final scenes adds to the movie’s overall impact.

Symbolic Elements and Technical Brilliance:

Shiva Kona’s directorial debut is nothing short of a masterpiece, expertly blending suspense and fun throughout the film. The gripping narrative, well-timed twists, and thrilling sequences are a testament to his brilliance. Praveen Mani’s soul-stirring background score breathes life into the movie, elevating the excitement in critical scenes.

Cinematographer Pavan Guntuku captures the breath-taking wild locations beautifully, enhancing the film’s visual appeal. The editing is commendable, though a slightly sharper cut would have added more intensity. The movie’s production values are praiseworthy, ensuring a seamless presentation of this suspenseful thriller.


RajuGari KodiPulao is an enthralling cinematic experience that captivates from start to finish. The film’s riveting theme, brilliant narrative, and remarkable performances make it an absolute must-watch. Shiva Kona’s outstanding work as a director, actor, and producer shines through, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. If you crave an adrenaline-pumping, edge-of-the-seat experience, RajuGari KodiPulao is the perfect film to indulge in.

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