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Review: Sharathulu Varthisthai: Offers a compelling story of middle-class family dynamics

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Chiranjeevi, a middle-class clerk, takes on the responsibility of caring for his family. His childhood friendship with Vijayashanthi leads to love and marriage. A multi-marketing business emerges, offering lucrative returns. Chiranjeevi invests his savings in the company, entrusting it to his wife to settle debts and establish a stationery shop. However, tragedy strikes when his mother suffers a heart attack. Simultaneously, he discovers that both his mother and wife have invested in a fraudulent company, which collapses, leaving everyone, including Chiranjeevi’s family helpless. Whose is this company? How Chiranjeevi bails out himself is the story.

Sharathulu Varthisthayi portrays the struggles of ordinary middle-class families who fall victim to fraudulent schemes promising quick wealth. The first half of the movie beautifully depicts the bond between Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanthi, and their families, along with the daily lives of middle-class households. However, the arrival of the chit company, Golden Plate, brings hope and excitement as everyone eagerly invests, only to face devastation later.
The emotional depth in the first half resonates with the audience. The interval bang twist makes you invest in the second half as the company faces the consequences.
In the second half, efforts are made to rectify the financial losses incurred, though the specifics are not presented in detail. The protagonist takes action during the Corporation elections to address the community’s issues. However, while the first half is rich in emotion, the second half loses some of its realism, resorting to flashy scenes and twists that are typical in many films.
The authentic portrayal of middle-class life in Telangana, with real locations and native nuances, remains a highlight. The hero’s job in the irrigation department is showcased, with several Telangana reservoirs featured in the film. While one wedding song stands out, the rest are below par.

Chaitanya Rao shines as the middle-class family man, carrying the film effortlessly. Bhumi Shetty impresses with her portrayal of a lover and a middle-class housewife. Nandakishore, Radhika, Venky, and Peddinti Ashok also deliver notable performances.

The film stands out for its use of real locations, primarily shot in and around Karimnagar. The cinematography captures the visuals effectively, and the background music enhances emotional scenes. Despite numerous films on chit scams, the focus on middle-class families adds depth and emotion to the storyline. Kumaraswamy’s direction is commendable. Overall, Sharathulu Varthisthayi offers a compelling story of middle-class family dynamics disrupted by the lure of wealth.

Cast: Chaitanya Madadi, Nanda Kishore, Bhoomi Shetty, and others
Director: Kumara Swamy
Producer: Nagarjun Samala
Writer: Kumara Swamy, Peddinti Ashok Kumar
Rating: 2.75/5
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